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Turkey and Europe close airspace to Russian long-range bombers

Dec 22, 2015


“Europe and Turkey closed airspace for Russian Long-Range Aviation planes carrying out airstrikes on Daesh positions in Syria, forcing Russian pilots to reroute, Deputy Commander Maj. Gen. Anatoly Konovalov said Saturday.”

COMMENT: In the continuing war between Russia and ISIS and its US/Turkish sponsors, this is just one more way that the West is assisting ISIS. But for every action, there is a reaction. This will simply motivate Russia to build its military presence in Syria and to construct a second airfield, which Putin has been contemplating.

It is increasingly clear in government circles around the world that the West is ISIS’ greatest sponsor, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Is someone deliberately trying to make the US odious to the world? It won’t take much more to cause a great vomit party.

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Category: In The News
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones