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Trip to New Zealand and Australia

Dec 18, 2015

Darla and I are planning a three-week trip to New Zealand and Australia in February 2016.

We are scheduled to leave here February 8 and return March 1. The first week will be spent with Lynley Watson at Coopers Bay in the far north of the north island, where I am scheduled to teach at house meetings. We will then spend a week in Maungatapere, which is closer to the central part of the north island, where we will be guests of Trevor and Cheryl Barfoote and their family. They have opened up their home for meetings as well.

During the final week of our trip, we are tentatively planning to fly to Melbourne, Australia as well. This part of the trip is still in the planning stage.

For information regarding Coopers Bay and also the meetings in Melbourne, contact:

[email protected]

For information regarding the meetings in Maungatapere, contact:

[email protected]

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