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The $279 Trillion Lien against the Bar Association

Dec 14, 2015


The lien was filed October 15, 2015 in Colorado by Judge Curry. He was promptly arrested, along with his wife on unknown charges. The ABA has 90 days in which to answer this affidavit, otherwise what is stated is legally presumed to be true.

Many points I found interesting, including their assertion that SEC documents in their possession show that the American Bar Association owns many Fortune 500 corporations, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan-Chase, and even the Internal Revenue Service.

October 15, of course, is the last day of the one-year cycle since the divine court transferred authority from the beast empires to the overcomers (October 16, 2014). Last summer I came to believe that since Babylon is urban property, the old owners would be given one year to redeem their property--i.e., to buy it back. Of course, they could not do so, so God was foreclosing upon them.

It appears to me that this is what is happening. The lien gives the ABA 90 days from the time that the lien was delivered to the ABA. Their time to respond ends somewhere in after January 13. Of course, January 14-16 is our yearly watch date, as it is comparable to Passover, as revealed a few years ago.

Seeing that Passover signifies a release from the house of bondage, this would fit nicely with the intent of this lien. The lien is designed to return all property illegally seized by Mystery Babylon.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones