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Song sung during Paris attack

Dec 02, 2015

In the attack in Paris the evening of November 13, 2015, one of the targets was the Bataclan, where the Eagles of Death Metal were having a concert. Their acronym is EODM, which is a version of EDOM.

Here is an interesting article commenting on this and showing the lyric of one of their songs that they sang that night.


“Previously we covered how the elevens associated with the Paris attacks connected us to the coming chaos, disorder and judgment. An equally disturbing scriptural parallel pointing to the United States arose from massacre at the Bataclan. Eagles of Death Metal, known as EODM connects us both to Edom and the US. 

“Sadly, while they were worshipping Satan at the Bataclan that night the theatre flowed red (Edom) with blood. Here are some of the lyrics from the song being sung when the massacre took place.

“Who’ll love the Devil? Who’ll sing his song?
Who will love the Devil and his song?
I’ll love the Devil
I’ll sing his song
I will love the Devil and his song
Who’ll love the Devil?
Who’ll kiss his tongue?
Who will kiss the Devil on his tongue?”

COMMENT: Seems like those who attended this concert were asking for trouble.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones