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Questions about the "Final Christmas" speeches

Dec 30, 2015

On December 26, 2015 I posted articles claiming that speeches by the pope and the queen spoke of this being our “final Christmas.” A reader did some research into these reported speeches and has this to say….

A little flag went up yesterday after reading the supposed speeches by the pope and the queen, so I spent several hours doing some research. I am happy to verify the things people send you that may be questionable, so feel free to forward them to me before publishing if you have any doubts. I know there is no way you can personally verify every bit of news that your readers send you.


This link has texts of all the pope's speeches, and there is nothing there that talks about WW3 having started. There is no "Casa Santa Maria" that I could find, but there is a Casa Santa Marta, which is where he lives. There is no reference to anything about what was said in the articles. Here is a link to the original story about the pope saying Christmas was cancelled:


The following link is a video of the Pope's  actual Christmas speech, which supposedly talks about the last Christmas:


I watched the whole thing, and though my understanding of Italian is limited, I did not hear anything that was translated into English that was remotely similar to what we were told. I searched for verification of his "pessimistic" speech about this being the last Christmas, and could find it nowhere. Several other websites copy and paste the same words, but never is there an original source or proof.

In addition, there is not any evidence that the story about the Queen's speech is true either. Out of 458 comments below the original post, from which everyone else copied and pasted, about 440 are arguments about the Jews and the holocaust, with some undoubtedly posted by trolls. The few comments that are about the queen all want to see evidence, and all claim it is nonsense. There is not one link, and not a single source listed other than this speech was said in front of BBC staff, who naturally remain anonymous. In fact, the link given, which copied and pasted this, has an editor's note that they were given no sources, but since other news sources ran the same story, they did too. The photograph of the Queen with this article is actually from her 2012 speech, as seen here:


Here is a link to the quoted article, which is the source for all the articles that were simply copied and pasted by all the other websites:


This story was written by a Baxter Dmitry, who has written a total of 8 articles for "Your Newswire". His only credentials say: "Passionate about motor sports, military history and the truth, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one."  I would like to see his writing credentials, his school affiliations, his awards, etc.

I did discover this website, by "Elder Dmitry Baxter", who could be the same guy, or it could be that the writer is using a pen name, since he shows up nowhere else on the internet. This one is a Mormon elder, but why he would want to make people believe these end of the world stories, I am not sure.


The actual speech Queen Elizabeth gave is here:


I know you would never deliberately mislead your readers, so you may want to amend that post.


COMMENT: It is hard to tell if the queen’s comments about the “final Christmas” are verifiable or not. Supposedly, they were edited out of the speech itself. As for the pope’s speech, it was clearly pessimistic, though we may question his comment about this being the “final Christmas.”


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