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News of Syria and Iraq

Dec 09, 2015

Since December, Russia launched more than 1900 missiles against ISIS targets in Syria. Part of this was to set up for a final defeat of the rebels in Homs, the city where the US-supported anti-Assad "protests" began five years ago.

On today's BBC news, I watched as the rebels left Homs on buses. This was a negotiated evacuation or retreat, and commentators said that it was a huge psychological victory for Assad. The real military victories, of course, are being won with the help of the Russian air strikes, which have demoralized ISIS and sent many of the fighters fleeing to other countries, including Europe.

The next battle will be for Palmyra, where ISIS has destroyed many archeological artifacts.


Meanwhile, in northern Iraq, Turkey has refused to leave, even after being ordered out of the country within 48 hours. Iraq is now appealing to the United Nations. If the UN rules in their favor, you can be sure that Russia will destroy that Turkish base, and the US/NATO could only wring their hands and watch from the sidelines. Presently, Turkey claims that they were invited by the Kurdish leaders with the approval of the Iraqi national government. Even if that were the case, Iraq now says to leave. Does Turkey still have the right to stay?

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones