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Israelis spray Palestinian crops with poisonous chemicals

Dec 28, 2015

In what is being described as another war crime, Israeli planes have sprayed the crops of Palestinians with poisonous chemicals in order to destroy them.


Israeli occupation planes have sprayed crop-killing chemicals on farmlands across besieged Gaza Strip, killing off crops in the coastal enclave.

It is the third time the Israeli occupation planes have targeted Gaza farms, killing massive amounts of crops,

An estimated 371 acres of farming land in central Gaza and 50 acres of land in eastern Khan Younis have been affected.

Saleh al-Najjar, a farmer from Al-Qarara, said he lost some 7.4 acres of spinach and pea crops as a result of the spraying.

Another farmer, Wael al-Shami, said he lost crops of parsley and beans, which he had planted near the town.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones