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China joins Russian alliance against ISIS

Dec 30, 2015

In a remarkable shift in its foreign policy, China’s parliament just passed legislation allowing China to send troops to foreign countries. The purpose of this legislation was to send Chinese troops to Syria to fight ISIS with the support of Russian power.


In what a new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today is describing as President Barack Obama’s “worst nightmare”, the Ministry of National Defense (MoND) of the People’s Republic of China has secured the permission of the Syria Arab Republic to begin “flooding” into the Levant War Zone up to 5,000 of its most elite military forces, and which will first include the feared Shenyang Military Region “Siberian Tiger” Special Forces and Lanzhou Military Region “Night Tiger” Special Forces Units.

According to this MoD report, this extraordinary move by China to enter into this war was authorized by China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) yesterday by their passing that country’s first anti-terrorism law making it legal for the People’s Liberation Army to take part in counter-terrorism missions abroad—and which fulfils the 30 November vow made to President Putin by Chinese President Xi Jinping that his nation would work to take on a broader role in the international war against terrorism and that China would be at Russia’s disposal to aid in global anti-terror efforts….

Though the US corporate-propaganda media continues to blackball from the American people Hersh’s “bombshell” article, this report notes, 2015 has become the year Russia exposed the barbaric nature of Western powers—from their criminal conspiracy for regime change in Syria, to aggression against Yemen, Iran, Russia, China and any country that does not toe the line—and has, also, exposed for the entire world to see that the Obama regimes fight against the Islamic State has all been pretended.

And with the Obama regime reported to be scrambling to come up with new lies to tell the American people about this war, this report says, only one person in that government, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, just weeks ago warned the American public that not only is the Obama regime lying to them, they may end up inadvertently starting World War III.

COMMENT: This is probably the final blow to the US plan, devised in 2001, to overthrow Middle East leaders on the grounds of “exporting democracy” and replacing it with the Muslim Brotherhood or its equivalent. In fact, with Europe now paying the price for following the US into disaster, watch for a backlash as Europe throws off the yoke of US hegemony.

The question is whether or not Turkey will draw the US and NATO into a war with Russia. In my opinion, there is enough resistance to such a war in the Pentagon to prevent such a war, regardless of what the president and his handlers say. More likely, this will result in the eventual break-up of NATO. Most of the European nations have already paid the heaviest price and do not want to become casualties of war on top of the economic disaster and the immigration disaster.

It would be hard to underestimate the significance of this development in the geopolitical view. The USA is fast losing both its influence and its goodwill world wide. The only ties it has left are rooted in fear, either of the US military or of its power to impose trade sanctions. There is no talk about America's "goodness" any more. It seems that all is now being exposed, thanks largely to the internet, which, though monitored, is virtually unstoppable.

Of course, keep in mind that the USA is not America itself, nor does its secret policies truly represent the people themselves. Although most people support these foolish (or intentionally evil) policies, they do so in ignorance, because they trust their politicians and believe that they represent the people, rather than than outside interests who finance their campaigns. Yet this trust has been eroding in recent years, and the people seem ripe for a genuine move by the Holy Spirit.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones