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Russia begins ground operation in Syria

Nov 30, 2015

Russia has not yet officially announced this yet, but reports from Arab news media is saying that it has begun ground operations in Syria. Since November 29/30 are watch dates, it appears that this is one of the significant developments that we were to watch.


Headline: Russia to Escalate Syria Offensive With Ground Troops, Arab Media Claim

TEL AVIV – News reports in the Arab world claim Russia is planning to escalate its military involvement in Syria by sending in ground troops and increasing airstrikes, according to translations provided by the Middle East Research Institute (MEMRI). 

Syrian and pro-Syrian Lebanese media have published reports over the past two weeks claiming that Russia is launching a new stage of its offensive in Syria, with December witnessing unprecedented escalation in which a ground operation will be launched.

COMMENT: It appears also that Turkey has forbidden Russian ships from using the strait between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. At least no ships are going through, according to reports. If this is so, then Turkey has invoked the part of an international treaty saying that they must keep it open to all nations unless they are in a hot war. Perhaps they consider themselves at war with Russia.

Whatever Turkey does, it should be viewed as carrying out US foreign policy via its NATO membership. Without NATO backing, they would be in trouble. However, it is unlikely that France, Germany, and Italy would go to war with Russia over its bombing campaign against ISIS. Paul Craig Roberts says that it is more likely that we will see the breakup on NATO itself. He says further that if NATO breaks up, then we will truly have peace in the world!

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones