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US says Edward Snowden won’t be tortured if he returns to face trial

Oct 09, 2015

This is an interesting development in the Snowden whistleblower saga.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Edward Snowden disclosed that he has offered numerous times to the US government to return to the United States, face trial, and if necessary, spend time in prison….

So Snowden is preparing to return and face trial, negotiating terms with Uncle Sam to ensure that he’s treated fairly.

As he told the BBC, “So far they’ve said they won’t torture me. Which is a start, I think. But we haven’t gotten further than that.”

It’s a sad reflection on the values of a country that someone who blows the whistle on the government committing egregious crimes and violating its own constitution has to flee to Russia in order to escape oppression….

But it’s utterly shocking that any negotiation about his return has to start by taking TORTURE off the table.

The fact that torture even has to be mentioned is utterly pathetic. And it pretty much tells you everything you need to know about justice in America… and what happens if you dare cross the government.


COMMENT: The US government does not include waterboarding in its definition of torture, even though it was one of the torture methods used throughout past centuries. Snowden ought to remember that the US government speaks George Orwell’s language called Newspeak.

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