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Oct 17, 2015

It is a beautiful autumn day here in the North Star state. We had our first frost on the grass this morning and had to put on a sweatshirt. Mike’s sweatshirts work well until it gets down to about 10 degrees (F), unless there is a strong wind.

The Keshe Foundation conference yesterday was livestreamed on facebook and zoom.


They seem to put their sessions on U-Tube as well, so you might want to check their site periodically to see when they do this with the conference.

I finished compiling the November FFI yesterday. We’ll proof it over the week end and bring it to the print shop on Monday. It is a re-worked version of Begotten Not Made, shortened to fit the four-page format. I have come to realize that at least half people on our mailing list do not have internet service or for some other reason do not read the daily weblogs. This includes people from third-world countries and also prison inmates.

I had to finish it a bit early, because on Oct. 26 I am taking a plane to the Philippines and will be gone two weeks. I am scheduled to teach at a pastors’ conference in Davao City and then host another conference in Zamboanga City. Once again, I will have to put my feet in evangelical shoes so that I can bring them forward from where they are to a higher understanding of the Word. I anticipate teaching foundational things. I am told that these pastors’ conferences in Davao (held every two months) have been attended by 600 or more pastors. They have a week end conference, followed by three days of workshops.

I am then scheduled to fly to Zamboanga City, where I went to grade school many years ago shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct, but I have not been back since I left in 1963. My sister was born there in 1957. Returning to the USA was especially hard on her, because she was uprooted from the only life she knew and had to leave all of her little friends behind, knowing she would never see them again.

No doubt there are many changes since I was there. Darla will not be going with me on this trip, so perhaps I will avoid an “adventure.” Whenever she comes with me, the trips seem to turn into adventures. We like to blame her for this.

Meanwhile, I have now finished my part in writing the three books on Daniel. Book 1 is fully proofed and ready. Darla has just finished her second proof of Book 2 and is starting on Book 3. We will be sending Book 2 to Rhoda today for another round of proofing, followed by Book 3 after Darla is finished going through it. It appears that we can send them to the printers after I get back from the Philippines on November 9.

We will skip our local Restoration meeting this month, since we had our Tabernacles conference in the early part of October, but we will plan to schedule a meeting next month, probably on November 15. If you are not on the email list to be notified of these meetings, you may contact us to be put on that list. We also post these notices on the “Events” calendar on the website under “News.”

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