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News reports and prophecy

Oct 15, 2015

The disastrous US foreign policy continues to erode good will and trust around the world. It is clear that the US “prime directive” is to maintain its world empire—or rather, to maintain the Babylonian empire, for in the end, the US is only a vassal state under Mystery Babylon.

Babylon’s rule by fear is also coming apart, as the rise of a new empire, led by China and Russia, convinces nations to switch their allegiance to the new superpowers. Now, after years of money and lives spent in Iraq, the US is in danger of losing it as well.


Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria no longer trust US intelligence agencies. After the establishment of their joint intelligence headquarters in Baghdad, the region has experienced a significant shift of power, DWN wrote.

Since September 30, the Russian Air Force has been carrying out attacks against the ISIL terrorist group in Syria. The military operation was launched after an official request of the Syrian government….

The mistrust of Iraqi officials toward the US has been steadily growing and the establishment of the intelligence center in Baghdad can therefore been considered an expression of unfulfilled Iraqi expectations towards the United States, DWN wrote.

At the same time, the close cooperation of Iraqi structures with Russia is likely to have a negative impact on the quality of their existing cooperation with the United States. The growing distance between the US and the Iraqi government lets the United States fear that it may to lose its positions in the Middle East and its political influence on the country.

In their pseudo-war against ISIS, the US has not fulfilled its promises to the Iraqi military that might provide them with intelligence to know where to strike. So Russia set up an office in Baghdad to help the Iraqis, and now they are able to bomb ISIS and make some serious progress in the war.

Russia, too, has asked the US for intelligence as to where ISIS was operating. They received no answer. US diplomats complained that Russia was bombing their mercenaries in Syria, so Russia asked the US to identify them (heh, heh). Again, no answer.

Most of this was just posturing, of course. Russia already knew that the US was the main sponsor of ISIS as well as the “more moderate” forces trying to overthrow Syria’s government. They did not really expect any cooperation from the US, but they knew that the US was trapped by its own propaganda. Russia was just trying to “help” the US achieve its stated goal—supposedly to destroy ISIS.

Russia Helps Iraq

No doubt the Iraqi government now understands that the US has been using it as a pawn and that it can never overthrow ISIS by relying on help from the US government. Iraq’s success a few days ago in bombing a convoy of ISIS leaders, who were gathering for a high-level meeting, was not done through US intelligence but through intelligence from Russia. No doubt the US also knew about this meeting but failed to tell the Iraqi military.

Then, of course, there are more and more reports about the US supplying arms and ammunition to ISIS. Proof continues to mount. Surely the Iraqi government knows this, but so far they are too diplomatic to accuse the US directly.

http://www.eutimes.net/2015/10/iraqis-accuse-us-of-arming-isis-after-discovering-weapons-airdrop/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed: TheEuropeanUnionTimes (The European Union Times)

China, Iran, and Lebanon Join the Coalition against ISIS

Russia’s move into Syria has shifted the balance of power against ISIS. On top of this, China has joined Russia in defending the Syrian government from ISIS and from the US-funded mercenaries. This is China’s clear signal to the US to back off.


The air campaign began on September 30, but soon a ground campaign will begin. This will include troops from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, all helping Syrian troops deal with the US-led attempt to overthrow President Assad.

Last June an article said that Iran intended to send 15,000 troops to Syria.


This may be the final goal, but at this stage they are only sending 1,500 troops.


Turkey’s Role

Perhaps the bigger story that is emerging right now has to do with Turkey. Last year an agreement was made to run a pipeline from Russia to Europe through Turkey in order to bypass Ukraine. The two countries seemed to be on good terms then. But now things have blown apart, and the deal is off. Turkey is supporting the US-ISIS coalition in Syria, perhaps hoping in the end to take over Syria and gain back some of its past glory as the Ottoman Empire.

A Dream

Thirty years ago I had a (rare) dream, in which I saw myself in Turkey during a time of revolution. I did not get the impression that it was a war as such, but more of an internal revolution. This dream was my first revelation that God intended to send me to Muslim countries with the Gospel of the Kingdom. Turkey’s unpopular support of ISIS and its alliance with the US could well result in an internal revolution or revolt. This will be something to watch in the time ahead.

World War I brought an end to the Ottoman Empire (the dynasty of the House of Osman), which was dissolved in 1922. It emerged as the Republic of Turkey. It may be prophetically significant that the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, was code-named Tim Osman when he worked for the CIA. He was from Saudi Arabia, of course, but his code name may link him to Turkey in some way. If so, there may be a 100-year link between the fall of the House of Osman (1917-1922) and a coming revolution (2017-2022).

Al-quaeda has now fallen into the background of irrelevance, now that the CIA has decided to sponsor terrorism under a new organization, ISIS. The importance of any organization has more to do with its funding and sponsorship than with ideology. It is apparent that the CIA shifted its funding from al-Qaeda to ISIS after formulating its plan to destabilize Syria and to pressure Iraq to retain its US military presence.

News Media is just Government Propaganda

During the Cold War, we were told that the Soviet news media was completely controlled by the government. I have no doubt that this was true. At best, even in a relatively “free” society, the government is a powerful force that can threaten the media. White House correspondents have to be careful how they ask questions or report the news, because their press passes can easily be revoked. No reporter wants that to happen, for it could mean the end of his career.

We always assumed, however, that the US enjoyed freedom of the press. But this has always been an illusion, with a few notable exceptions, and even moreso in recent years. Paul Craig Roberts comments on this in his latest weblog. After commenting on the blatant lies of Cory Flintoff, the Russian correspondent for NPR, he says,

The reason that the West has no future is that the West has no media, only propagandists for government and corporate agendas and apologists for their crimes. Every day the bought-and-paid-for-media sustains The Matrix that makes Western peoples politically impotent.

The Western media has no independence. An editor of a major German newspaper has written a book, a best-seller published in Germany, in which he states that not only he himself served the CIA as a reliable purveyor of Washington’s lies, but that every significant journalist in Europe does so also.

Obviously, his book has not been translated and published in America.


So it has been said that the media is the fourth branch of government. In the past 20 years, however, the internet has threatened the mainstream media by its independence and by its astounding ability to reach millions of viewers quickly. Though it is also being used for evil purposes, the alternate media on the internet is making the mainstream press more and more irrelevant. Mainstream reports are being exposed to large numbers of people as government propaganda. There is now a solid 30% of American people who are in a better position to know at least some portion of the truth.

In the last days of the Soviet Union 25 years ago, the government was brought down by the lowly fax machine. The government media spun its own lies, but eyewitness accounts spread like wildfire by fax. This was how the government lost control of the situation.

At the same time, the internet was being developed, which would begin to undermine the credibility of the Western government-controlled press. This seems to be an inside joke in heaven. Babylon was destroyed by Media-Persia, and now Mystery Babylon is being overthrown on one level by the Media (internet) and Iran (Persia). Of course, in the bigger prophetic picture, Babylon today is being overthrown by “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12), which now appear to be Russia and China. Yet even these “kings” are allied with Iran, so it is apparent that Iran is yet playing a role in fulfilling prophecy as it did in the days of the prophet Daniel.

Unfortunately, large sections of the Church, particularly Christian Zionists, cannot see what is happening, because they are still influenced by the old view that Russia is “Gog and Magog” and that Iran is a threat to “God’s chosen people.” Not knowing history, these Christians have been deceived, not knowing that Gog Magog already invaded the old land of “Israel” a century ago. They were Russian Jews, who were Khazar converts to Judaism centuries ago.

This is well documented in Jewish histories, including the Jewish Encyclopedia. For a full study on this, see chapter 15 of my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.

Russia and China now play the main role of King Darius the Mede and King Cyrus the Persian, whom God has raised up to overthrow Mystery Babylon in order to set us free from our captivity. The Israeli state, on the other hand, was formed by the invasion of Gog and Magog, along with Jewish immigrants from many nations, such as those prophesied in Ezekiel 38:5, 6.

Knowing this history, and believing Ezekiel’s prophecy, could well be the key to survival among Israeli citizens. If they believed the Scriptures, they would probably leave or return to other countries before the great disaster strikes. The reality is that most of them will not believe the Scriptures, and they certainly will not heed my warnings. But we do pray for divine mercy and that God will open up blind eyes everywhere.

And where I may be blind to any truth, I pray God will also have the same mercy on me.

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