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Conference Report

Oct 07, 2015

We returned home from the Conference last night. It took an extra day to return home, because we were invited to visit friends from New Zealand, who own a dairy farm south of Kansas City. We had a good time of fellowship Monday evening and got a good night’s sleep well into the next morning.

Last Friday and Saturday in Branson, we had good meetings with the main speakers. Many of you were able to follow along by internet live-streaming. We probably had more people watching from afar than at the conference itself. Someone counted about 280 people at the height of the conference. If that is accurate, it is the most we have seen so far at these conferences.

Darla and I were especially blessed that one of our daughters from Arkansas was able to attend the conference. Likewise, my younger brother and his wife came on Saturday, as they live a short distance away. My sister was not able to attend, but my brother-in-law came. It was also a treat to see the Wilsons come from Arkansas. It has been many years since we saw them. They were part of our group when we lived in Batesville, AR back in the 1980’s. They, along with my brother, sister, and brother-in-law, were witnesses and participants in the prophetic events that occurred in those early days. (See The Wars of the Lord.)

At the conference, Vanita shared a little about the prophetic background of Branson and how it represented the Heartland of the country. I participated in two conferences many years ago in Branson with Sister Thea. I told some of her remarkable story years ago in a series of weblogs, beginning here:


Branson was part of her revelation, and I was privileged to participate in it. Our conference last week end, cleansing the house, may have been a culmination of this. It was really about cleansing the heart of this nation in preparation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I should also mention that the last Branson conference with Sister Thea in 1991 proved to be the prophetic work that brought me back into the ministry after being out of it since 1981. I believe that our most recent Branson conference will have a similar effect, but will affect the entire nation and the world this time.

I will have more to say about this in the days and months ahead.

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