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Update on Cleanse the House prayer campaign

Sep 01, 2015

Today is the deadline to make reservations at the Chateau on the Lake to get rooms at the special price. Even if you do not get reservations at that hotel, keep in mind that we ourselves have no deadlines for people attending the conference.

On another subject, our 76-day "Cleanse the House" prayer campaign is being confirmed in various ways. People have written to tell me of their experiences and revelation. But also, we were invited to attend a Native American gathering in northern Minnesota last week end. They had built a sweat lodge to be used Friday evening, whose purpose was for physical and spiritual cleansing. I was unable to participate in that, but I attended the gathering on Saturday.

They had a common meal and then a peace pipe ceremony (using organic tobacco!). No one had to smoke the pipe, but people could simply wave their hands to indicate being bathed in a bit of the smoke. I realized that this was their form of Communion ("common union") to bring peace, unity, and covenant between participants. Christ established Communion using wine as a commemoration of His blood that was shed as a sin offering. The peace pipe was Communion based on the burnt offering. Either way, if used among believers, it makes an interesting form of Communion.

I also realized that last Friday/Saturday, August 28/29 was the midpoint of our "Cleanse the House" prayer campaign that began July 21st. We have often seen events happen at the midpoint of various prayer campaigns or general time cycles. This event not only marked the time, but it also added another feature to the prayer campaign itself. It indicated that we are in a time of cleansing so that we may bring peace and unity to all nations through the New Covenant.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones