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The inevitable Putin-Obama meeting

Sep 18, 2015

While the Republican presidential candidates gnash their teeth at the Iran Accord in support of their spiritual leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama now seems to be making peace with Russian president Putin. Putin’s decision to build a military airbase on the coast of Syria and to support Syrian president Assad has apparently trumped the US attempt to destabilize Syria—and, indeed, the entire Mideast.


WASHINGTON — For more than a year, President Obama has resisted meeting one on one with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and only reluctantly taken a phone call, freezing out the Kremlin leader over his intervention in Ukraine in their own personal cold war.

But this month, the two leaders will be in the same city at the same time amid rising tension in Syria, and the White House is divided by a debate over whether they should meet to try to work out their differences before the tumult in the Middle East escalates even further.

The recent deployment of Russian weapons and equipment to Syria has brought to a head a conflict that has dominated the Obama administration since Mr. Putin’s return to the presidency, the choice between engaging with Russia and trying to isolate it….

Mr. Putin on Tuesday forcefully defended Russia’s military assistance to Syria. “We are supporting the government of Syria in the fight against a terrorist aggression, and we are offering and will continue to offer it necessary military and technical assistance, and we call on other countries to join us,” Mr. Putin said at a regional security conference in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

“It’s obvious,” he added, “that without the Syrian authorities and the military playing an active role, without the Syrian Army fighting the Islamic State on the ground, it’s impossible to drive terrorists from this country and from the region as a whole.”

The Obama administration was caught off guard by the Kremlin’s move into Syria….

The Obama administration’s claim to be fighting ISIS has always rung hollow, since it was US covert operations that started the conflict with Syria in the beginning. It was US funding that created ISIS, and now the same people pretend to be fighting ISIS by arming other “moderate” extremists in Syria.

If US policy were to win this conflict, the Syrian government would be taken over by Islamist extremists who would be hostile to the Israeli state. The fact that Netanyahu supports the overthrow of Assad, whose government is at peace with the Israeli state, makes me suspicious. It appears likely that the Israeli government supports the establishment of a hostile Syrian government in order to have an excuse to attack it and destroy Damascus as per Isaiah 17:1.

In fact, I suspect that this may have been the US motive in 2001 for deciding to “overthrow seven Mideast countries in five years” and to “destabilize” the region, as General Wesley Clark has told us repeatedly. Neither Israel nor the US really want peace in the region, but in the guise of “exporting Democracy” to the Mideast, they have brought turmoil and empowered extremists. The oligarchs who control the political processes in Europe and America obviously want war. In fact, I believe they are trying to fulfill the Pike Plan in order to bring about their Luciferian World Order out of the ashes of the Israeli state.

The Republican War Party is the main group that these oligarchs are using to promote these conflicts, using a combination of patriotic “make America strong again” rhetoric and opposition to any policy that emanates from a Democratic White House. Putin’s Russia, backed by China and India, stand on the other side of the conflict as they try to quench the wildfires set by the CIA. In between stands the Democratic Whore Party, which tries to maintain its war while claiming Peace as its mantra.

It seems that Obama has now seen the handwriting on the wall and knows that Russia’s latest move in Syria has trumped the war policy. Putin is coming to Syria to fight the terrorists—something that Obama has difficulty condemning, because no amount of spin or propaganda can overcome such logic. It is easy to see that Russia’s solution will be far more effective than America’s plan to bomb a few ISIS buildings from the air.

More than that, sentiment in Europe is shifting away from America and toward Russia, especially with the recent immigration crisis. It was bad enough that European business had to pay the price for US sanctions against Russia. But now European civilization itself is threatened by a tsunami of Syrian colonists, intent on setting up their own separatist culture (and religion) in the heart of Europe.

A former Indian ambassador has written an analysis of the situation for Asia Times.


Now a reset in the relations between Russia and the US is quite possible as Moscow is ready more than ever to play a distinctive role in the settlement of the Syrian conflict, Melkulangara Bhadrakumar, former Indian ambassador to Uzbekistan and Turkey, wrote in his article for Asia Times.

According to the expert, the Syrian conflict has posed a clear threat to European security. The migrant crisis could be a new precondition to review the Schengen agreements which constitute the basis of the united European area.

For Europe, it is now crucial to settle the Syrian crisis only through diplomatic mechanisms which, in turn, require Russia’s involvement in the peace process.

"With the mounting refugee problem to cope with – on top of the Greek debt crisis, et al – Europe also wants to put Ukraine on the backburner. Kiev is already sensing the dull roar of a European retreat from Ukraine," he wrote….

According to him, tensions between Moscow and Brussels over the Ukrainian crisis are easing.

"Most certainly, Russia’s position on Syria is much stronger today than at any time in the past year or two. For one thing, the tensions over Ukraine are easing, the ceasefire is holding and the focus is now on the diplomatic track. The beating of war drums between Russia and NATO has all but died down, too. Suffice it to say, Russia has the space today to accelerate its politico-military thrust in Syria," the author explained….

Taking into account the changes, Syrian President Bashar Assad is in no danger of being removed from power, according to the expert….

As a result, a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Barack Obama during the UN General Assembly in New York is inevitable, Bhardakumar presumed.

Next week Putin will make a very important speech at the UN calling upon the world body to back his peace plan for Syria. This will be a direct rebuttal to the US war plan that was put in place in 2001. Obama lost the geopolitical chess match when Russia moved his knights into Syria.

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