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Proxy war in Syria heats up

Sep 01, 2015

The proxy war in Syria between the US and Russia has reached a new level. On August 12 it was reported that the US would begin bombing ISIS targets in Syria.


Other reports show, however, that their main targets are Christian villages and anti-ISIS groups. Regardless of that, Russia considers the US action as permission to help in the fight against ISIS. So it is now sending troops and planes of its own to bomb ISIS targets.

And they really mean business. This is reported in Ynet News on August 31, 2015.


The difference between the two sides is that Russia will have full access to a military base in Syria, whereas the US will have to fight from the sidelines. The Russian move is clearly a response to the US plan to destabilize the Assad regime and to call out the US government in its pretended opposition to ISIS.

As usual, the US can only foam at the mouth, victims of their own propaganda, because they will find it difficult to condemn Russia for bombing ISIS. After all, Russia only doing what the US claims to be doing.

Recall the words of General Wesley Clark, who has told us for many years that the US drew up a plan in 2001 to destabilize seven Mideast countries in five years.


This plan came to be known as the “Arab Spring,” backed by the CIA and the US military, whose purpose was to overthrow existing governments and replace them with US vassal states that were dependent on the US. This was part of a broader war to contain Russia and China, a policy advocated in the early 1990’s by Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The US then overthrew Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but then Russia stepped in and stopped them from overthrowing Syria. The US retaliated by overthrowing Ukraine’s government and installing a pro-US government in Kiev. But Russia fought back, and now Ukraine is a political and economic mess—the victim of the proxy war.

With the Ukraine project essentially stalled, the US is now flying missions over Syria in hopes of destabilizing the Syrian government. In so doing, it is violating the ancient treaty that Jacob made with Laban. The US action is now being countered by Russia, which is now sending its own troops and air force to Syria to defeat ISIS.

September is shaping up to be a very interesting month. We could see a perfect storm of war, economic turmoil, and political changes (pope's visit). All of this comes on the 70th anniversary of the UN itself. The UN has been the main venue for Mystery Babylon, so its 70th anniversary could prove to be very significant.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones