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Is the Fed about to crash the economy?

Sep 10, 2015

Catherine Austin Fitts is a former Assistant Secretary of Housing for the Bush 41 administration in 1989. She learned that the government was moving toward the place where the corporations would make money while shifting the liabilities to the government (i.e., taxpayers). She calls it a “tapeworm economy.”

She talks fast, making it somewhat difficult to understand. The most important information is in the last half of the video. Of interest to me is when she speaks of the GATT treaty in 1994, which was passed when the big corporations (oligarchs) “gave up on America.” It was a treaty designed to send jobs and money abroad to gut the US economy and the US government itself. This begins at the 9 minute mark.

She says it was the end of sovereign governments and the rise of corporations, which is Fascism. To do this, they also took the money from pension funds and left in its place paper IOU’s. They also created a housing bubble, inducing people to take on more debt, while removing money out of the country. It was deliberate entrapment, she says.

It is possible that next week the Fed will indeed begin to raise interest rates, knowing that this will begin the final destruction of the economy.

The video contains periodic advertisements, and after these run, you may have to click on the “mute” button twice to get back the sound. It’s a bit inconvenient, but the 46-minute video is worth hearing.


You may recall that the GATT treaty was God’s answer to our Jubilee prayer campaign for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. See chapter 12 of The Wars of the Lord.

This may sound strange, but God has tricked the American corporate oligarchs into destroying their own Babylonian system. We simply need to understand this so that we can prepare ourselves in the best way we are able.

It is obvious to me that the rulers of Babylon are trying to preserve their wealth by moving it abroad, but they cannot escape the judgment of God. I am just glad to know that God is truly in control of this situation and that He is smarter than the Babylonians. On November 29, 1993 we presented our case to the divine court and won that case. A year later on November 29, 1994, the GATT treaty was passed in the House of Representatives, and the Speaker of the House, Tom Foley resigned. This fulfilled the pattern of Daniel 4, as I explained in The Wars of the Lord.

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