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Emerging shortages of silver and gold

Sep 16, 2015

With the price of silver being manipulated downward for so long, the real stuff is becoming more and more difficult to find. There are always buyers and sellers of the paper variety, which determines the price, but not its value. Real silver, however, is in short supply. Those who want to buy silver at the current low paper price are finding it difficult to find sellers. I know firsthand that silver is scarce in Minneapolis.

It looks like silver is in short supply in Australia, too. Here is a company that is apologizing to its customers for running out of silver to sell. On its website, it says:

Important Notice to Customers

Due to the extremely high demand of late for precious metal, we are experiencing an extraordinary shortage of many lines of product. This is due to refiners themselves experiencing difficulty in keeping up to demand. This is a world wide shortage.

Whilst we have had a large inventory for many years, the huge demand over the last few weeks has seriously diminished our stock levels.

Whilst this is not an issue restricted to Ainslie's, we have always been up front with our customers if we can't supply straight away. You will, therefore, only see a limited number of lines offered on the web shop and also in our store, and many with wait times.

If you want to buy something in particular and it is not on the web, please call us as it may be available in store or over the phone. We have been in business for 40 years because we have put customers' interests first. We don't put them at risk.

We trust that you understand. We would rather be up front and keep you informed of the current volatile market.

We will also be paying spot price for buy backs for some products for a limited time.


It appears that even real gold is disappearing from the market. While paper gold is plentiful, the real stuff is not. ZeroHedge is reporting that JPMorgan’s vault is just one sale away from running out of gold, having only 27 bricks left in its dwindling stockpile.

Finally, since aggregate gold open interest continues to remaining consistent at just about 41 million ounces of gold, today's latest ongoing reduction in deliverable Comex gold means that as of yesterday's close, there was a record 252 ounces of gold paper claims to every gold physical ounce of currently available and deliverable gold….

To summarize: last week we were confident that JPM would promptly adjust a few hundred thousands ounces of Eligible gold back into Registered status to silence growing concerns about Comex distress. A week later we are not as concerned by the relentless surge in paper gold dilution, as we are that JPM still has not even bothered to do this. Especially since with just 335 kilograms of gold, or less than 27 bricks, JPMorgan is now just one withdrawal request away from running out of deliverable physical gold.


It is difficult to see how the manipulation can continue for much longer. The empty shelves, along with the extremely high demand, ought to force the price skyward at some point.

The Currency Act of 1764

Every 21 years there has been either a recession or a depression, beginning in 1785. The year 2016 will be 252 years since the Currency Act. The number 252 is 1/10 of 2,520 years and is an important cycle in prophecy, along with the 21-year cycle (“Time of Jacob’s distress”). This is the completion of the 12th cycle of 21 years since 1764.

Here is an interesting 25-minute video that speaks of this. I find it interesting that they would use the 2,520-day cycles of Daniel in their analysis. It is also accompanied by good music background. The discussion begins at the 54-second mark.


Cracks have again appeared in the financial markets since July 2015. They expect to see a drop in the “equity markets” (stocks) on September 22-23, partly because it is also 2,520 weeks after the Israelis took Jerusalem in 1967.

However, that the government will intervene one more time before the final collapse of the markets in 2016.

They also expect to see “three digit silver” in 2016. In other words, they expect the price to go over $100/oz. They expect the price of gold to rise above 2,000/oz.

In my view, the point when silver goes above $50/oz, it will be a major sign of the overthrow of Babylon. In Daniel 2, the arms of silver were the Medes and Persians, who overthrew Babylon.

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