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The Restoration Court Case

Aug 13, 2015

08/04/2015  Estes Park, CO

216th day of the Year.

Restoration of All Creation Divine Court Case
Before the Throne Rock at McCreless Cottages 
4:00 p.m. to 5:33 p.m.
Attendees:  The Council of the LORD -- Stephen and Darla Jones, Wayne and BonnieLynn Knappick, Mark and Carolyn Iversen, Mike and Kathy Winchell, David and Sherry Weaver in Spirit.

Ephesians 6:10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 -- Prayer for Spiritual armor

Anointing with Holy Anointing Oil (blue bottle)

Shofar blown  -- “We summon all creation with this public adjuration.  We ask the Father of all of creation to judge the proceedings of this court.  In the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen.”

Worship and Praise with flagging, singing, and reading of Revelation 5:8,9,10,11,12,13,14.

Confession and Repentance among all couples to signify our unity.

Opening Statement:

We are officially appearing in the Divine Court before the Creator, Lord and Judge of all the earth.  We want to speak to the Judge saying we acknowledge You as the Creator, Lord and Judge and we submit to any and all of your decrees; and state our intent to be obedient to all of Your laws—not only what is written, but also the intent of Your heart as best as we understand it.  This is our intention in all the proceedings from here on in. 

We are here at this particular time because we have been given the authority on October 16, 2014 at 2:52 P.M., when we received the authority from the beast nations when it was transferred to the Saints of the Most High.  We have a quorum here of ten that represents The Council of the LORD.  We have also received the name ‘Israel’ last night.  So on the basis of this, we state that we have standing in this Court to present the case for the whole earth as mediators between God and men, or between heaven and earth, between God and creation; to speak for the purpose of releasing all of creation into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 

Because we are the mediators of the New Covenant, we present as evidence the Word that has been already spoken regarding the New Covenant itself; what it is and the promises that have already been given in times past.

#1.  VOICE of the Mediator/Jesus Christ

Genesis 9:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17

We start with Genesis 9:8-17.  So based upon that evidence, the Word says that God has made a Covenant with all flesh and all creatures of the whole earth.  The waters will no longer become a flood to destroy, but the waters are a flood to cleanse.  The water has become an agent of cleansing, rather than of destruction.  Based upon that promise, we present that as evidence in our role as mediators of the New Covenant. 

Genesis 12:1,2,3,4

On the basis of that particular promise, we present as evidence of the restoration of all things and the New Covenant and that this New Covenant extends to all families of the earth.  And if we look in the book of Acts 3:25, 26 we can see also that the meaning of the word bless is to cause all people to repent.  So if all the earth is going to be blessed, it means all the earth will repent.  And this, we say, is the promise of God to cause this to happen.

Deuteronomy 29:10,11,12,13,14,15

We present this evidence, this testimony of Moses that all flesh—everyone that was present in his day at that time, as well as all those who were not present—are participants and beneficiaries of God’s oath and promise, where He promised to be their God and to make them His people.  It is God who is to do this in us and if it doesn’t happen, it is not because man failed, it’s because God would fail—God forbid that that would happen!  We declare that the Word of God Himself binds Him to fulfill His own Word in order to be true to His own character and also to do justice to the earth.  For His just nature alone demands that He save all mankind—by His own expression. 

Psalm 67:1,2,3,4,5,6,7

We present Psalm 67 as evidence from David, the testimony that all the ends of the earth will be blessed.  It is also a prayer that God’s Face shines in our face, so that our face would be glorified as we come fully into His image in order that we may be the children of Abraham and extend this blessing to all families of the earth.  David prophesies and speaks the Word that all the ends of the earth will indeed be blessed,  which, of course, means that they will all turn to God and be saved.  That is the testimony of David. 

Luke 23:3,4

This is the evidence and testimony of Pilate who found no guilt, no fault, in Jesus when He was presented as the Lamb of God and the Passover Lamb.  This qualified Him to be the Lamb that was to die to save the whole earth.  So we present the evidence of Pilot himself.

Colossians 1:16,17,18,19,20

We present the evidence and the testimony of the Apostle Paul that the same group of people, or the same scope where it says all things were created, is also the same as all things that are reconciled to God.  So we present Paul’s evidence that all of creation shall be reconciled to God by the time this is all over. 

Revelation 5:10,11,12

This is the testimony of John before this Divine Court that the Lamb is worthy, according to Pilate’s own testimony He is the Lamb that was worthy to be slain, not unworthy.  His blood then is what covers the whole earth and will save all mankind.  We state also that the angels in heaven also bear witness to this; and the 24 Elders and the four beasts around the throne, which represent all of creation.  So we say that heaven and earth bear witness that this is indeed a fact and that this petition then will be granted in the Name of Jesus.  Amen

Revelation 11:15

This is another testimony of John that is really a statement that Christ has the right to rule all nations, and that it actually will happen because John saw this prophetically after he had read the Books in heaven that had foreordained all these things that happened.  He is the King of all the earth.

Revelation 15:3,4

John read the Books in heaven also, and he takes note and gives testimony that all nations will come and worship Christ based upon His justice and His holiness and His righteousness.  The point is God’s holiness is not an impediment to the salvation of all mankind; but is in fact the reason for the reconciliation of all things.  Amen.


#2.  VOICE of the Church of the Firstborn, General Assembly and Company of Angels

Leviticus 5:4,5,6,9,10

We now speak the testimony or the voice of the Firstborn, General Assemble and Company of Angels with them—that is, the Church.  According to the law, both the Church in the wilderness under Moses and also the Church that is supposedly under the New Covenant have been largely dependent upon the Old Covenant for their salvation and their own vows; vows which they have been unable to keep.  So with this in mind, the Old Covenant was broken and is therefore annulled, because the Church has not been able to keep that vow.  But they are still guilty for it; and we recognize that.  So we repent on behalf of the Church and upon all of those under the Old Covenant, all those who have depended upon the flesh in one way or the other.  We repent on their behalf for this oath that was taken that could not be kept.  We apply the blood of Jesus to the altar on their behalf, so that the blood of Jesus Christ is applicable to them in the sprinkling of His blood upon their hearts, so that they may come into a New Covenant whereby they might be saved.

Romans 8:19,20,21

We present this testimony of Paul in order to establish the fact that all of creation desires that we should present their case before the Divine Court.  It is their desire to be reconciled, whether they are conscious of it or not.  As a whole, this has been built into them. So we claim reconciliation for them on the basis of their desire, the desire of their hearts.  We are speaking on behalf of the people as mediators also, so that they might come into the glorious liberty of the children of God: that the Jubilee might be declared over them.

Hebrews 12:23

This is an expression of the scope, but not limited to that, if there was anything that was left out.  These are the people we represent in this Voice of the Church.

Revelation 7:9,10,11,12

The great multitude that is talked about here are the same people that Moses talked about in Deuteronomy 29: everyone who is here and everyone who is not here – this is everybody.  And the angels also bear witness.  We can also say that this process for the reconciliation of all things is not completed until the four beasts say, ‘Amen’.  The four beasts represent all of creation and they too are becoming an Amen people.  One other point to be made in here is that John saw all of these people bearing palm leaves.  In other words, they are keeping the Feast of Tabernacles.

Revelation 5:8,9,10,11,12,13,14

This is the same group of people—which is everyone in heaven and in earth and under the earth. There is no one left out of this.  They all give honor and blessing to the Creator, the LORD, the great Judge of the earth; and they recognize Jesus Christ as their Sacrifice for sin, as well as being their King.

That’s the end of the testimony of the Church.


#3.  VOICE of the Bride, the Heavenly/New Jerusalem

We come now to the voice of the Bride, the City of the Living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 3:17

On the basis of Jeremiah’s testimony, we declare that it is the New Jerusalem, not the old, that is the Throne of God.  It is the throne in the New Jerusalem around which the nations will gather.  So we declare the testimony of Jeremiah, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that all of creation will come to the throne of God and will no longer walk after the imaginations of their evil hearts.  In other words, they will follow the laws of God and will be in perfect agreement and in harmony with those laws.  This throne is the throne of the New Jerusalem.  We declare that we have read the Books and we know in ourselves that the throne is in the New Jerusalem and not in the old.  So if there is any objection to that, we ask that a search be made in the Books in heaven to determine the truth of this matter.  Amen.

Revelation 21:3

This is the coming of the New Jerusalem; it speaks of the New Jerusalem and not the old.  Also, it is the fulfillment of the promise in Deuteronomy 29:13 where we read that God has taken an oath to make us His people; and He has taken an oath that He would be their God.  As we have seen also, the scope of that promise is to include everyone on the face of the earth; everyone who is present as well as those who are not present.  So we declare that this scripture is applicable to all mankind.

Galatians 4:22-31

We present Paul’s testimony here that it is the New Jerusalem, and not the old, that is the inheritor of the promises; because the son of the flesh is the son of the Old Covenant, which is a fleshly vow of man to be obedient, which they have failed to do and cannot succeed in being saved by that means.  But the children of the free woman, Sarah, the New Jerusalem, the heavenly Jerusalem—we are of that Company.  And in fact, she is the mother of us all.  Not just us, but again the same scope of people that Moses talked about, and Noah, and all the other testimonies throughout history and in the scriptures.  One other thing: the fate of the Hagar entity, of the Old Jerusalem, is to be cast out so that the people who have depended upon Hagar, who have considered her to be their mother, may be set free and their eyes opened to come and claim Sarah as their mother.

Isaiah 2:2,3,4

From Revelation 21:9-10, supported by Isaiah 2:2-4, we can declare that the people will be learning the law from the New Jerusalem, but not the old.  This is the same Jerusalem where the temple of God is that is the House of Prayer for all people (Isaiah 56:7, 8).  That temple is said to be in the mountain of the LORD.  It’s the same mountain from which the law is going forth in Isaiah 2:3.


#4.   VOICE of Finance

There is the Voice of Finances.  We present this before the Divine Court as well.

Exodus 34:20,21,22,23

We present as evidence before the Divine Court the three gold coins that were given as an offering [July 9, 2015], which, by the Word of the Lord represents the three feasts, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.  So this offering we declare to be, on behalf of, or to pay the debt that the Church and the world has never paid before, because they (as a whole) have never truly kept these feasts and have never given an offering.  They have always appeared before the LORD empty-handed.  And so we declare, on the basis of Jeremiah 34, that these coins are given value according to faith, which gives it an unlimited amount of value that can cover all the unpaid offerings that should have been made before the LORD throughout history, from the beginning.

Jeremiah 34:8,9,10,11

For the record, we use Jeremiah’s testimony to show that this was the last rest year prior to the captivity and the destruction of Jerusalem.  If they had kept that one rest year, by faith it would have given value to that rest year that would have covered all the previous rest years and Jubilee’s that they had never kept.  This is the same principle with the three coins.  The value of it, by faith, is increased so that it can cover everything from the past.  So the precedent is given in Jeremiah 34 for what we are presenting here in the Voice of Finance. [Judah failed to do this (Jeremiah 34:17, 20), so they went into captivity.]

Numbers 10:10

Moses bears testimony here in the book of Numbers, that the offerings that are given have a Voice; the Voice of the Trumpet.  We declare that the three coins that represent this offering in our case have a voice because the shofar was blown over them as well.  It is a memorial.  So the shofar that was blown brings this as a memorial to the Divine Court to be remembered as evidence in this Divine Court; that this offering has sufficient value to pay for all of the past debt that has not been paid before all the offerings.  Amen.  So on that basis we can release the curse that has come from men who have robbed God for thousands of years.

Deuteronomy 26:16,17,18,19

We present Moses’ testimony here.  It’s a two-fold testimony.  One, that He will make us His people and He we be our God as He has promised.  The recipients of the promise receive their inheritance and what is promised, based upon God’s promise and vow and oath; and not according to man’s promises.  So God’s promises, we declare, cannot fail because that would run contrary to His justice and His holiness and His character itself.  We lay claim to that on the basis of His Word, which cannot be broken.  His Word was given, not so much to obligate Himself (which it does), but because it was a revelation of His passion of what He intends to do in the earth.  So we only speak the things that He, God Himself, desires to do and has the capability of doing and completing everything He has promised.

Acts 10:4

We bring this testimony of Luke, who wrote the Book of Acts and of Peter. The angel was the one who actually spoke those Words establishing that the alms, or the three coins that we have, are effective and are a part of the process by which our petitions are heard in the Divine Court

Malachi 3:3-5

The testimony of Malachi is that purifying the priesthood is necessary in order to offer a righteous offering.  We declare before the Court that God, by the Holy Spirit, has indeed brought us through the fire and has purified us as silver, so that we may indeed offer this offering in righteousness, as Malachi says.  And we declare that we are doing it on behalf of the rest of creation, because in the end all of creation will be able to do and say the same.  Amen. 

On that basis, we petition the Court to remove the hindrances and accusations so that the finances may be released to establish the Kingdom, as the Kingdom grows and fills the whole earth in the age to come.  Amen.


#5.  Part One -- VOICE of Testimony of the Blood of Jesus Christ

Next we present the Voice of the Blood of Jesus. 

Genesis 15:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18

This is the testimony in Genesis which gives the precedent, the natural type and shadow, of the blood of Jesus by which the Covenant is to be established with Abraham allowing him, then, to bless all families of the earth through the New Covenant.

Isaiah 52:13,14,15

The prophetic witness is given then in Isaiah 52:13-15.  The prophetic witness of Isaiah describes the Messiah and His sufferings, His passion, especially prior to the cross where He was beaten and stoned and disfigured in many ways.  Also, the effects of it that would be that He would sprinkle many nations, baptize or cleanse many nations.  This is a reference to the Ethiopian eunuch who was reading this passage when Phillip appeared to him and asked him, “Do you understand this, or not?”  And he said, “No,” so Phillip came and explained this to him, so that he who had not understood, it would be revealed to and it would be explained to.  And then he wanted to be baptized.  So he was one of the first of the many nations in that particular prophecy to be sprinkled in baptism.

Isaiah 53:5-10

We declare before the Divine Court that this was fulfilled by Jesus Christ.  He was the Lamb that was led to the slaughter.  He was the one who gave up His life.  His blood is what was poured out unto death, as a sacrifice where the blood is to be poured out under the altar [Leviticus 17:13].  When this would happen, then He would see His seed, that is, His descendents.  These descendents would not be physical descendents, but the Sons of God.  So it is by His death on the cross and His pouring out of His blood that the Sons of God are able to be begotten and brought to birth in the earth.  Of course, this will extend to all mankind as His blood has paid for all of creation to be brought back into His possession.

Luke 24:46-49

Luke bears witness of what Jesus Himself said.  They were witness of these events and Jesus Christ did indeed die as the Passover Lamb; and was raised from the dead to prove He was the Messiah.  So we make the statement and the claim that no one else was worthy to die and have his blood cleanse the earth.  It’s proven by the fact that everyone else, all prophets other than Jesus, especially the false prophets, and of every other religion, all died and were not raised from the dead.  So they don’t have the witness of resurrection.  So we say that Jesus Christ is the One and is the only One.

Furthermore, I might add that He died at exactly the right time; the right year, the right month, the right day, the right hour of the day and the right minute that would prove that He was the Messiah.  It was prophesied at the end of 490 years that this would happen.  At the very end of that 490 year period, He died on Passover to be the Passover Lamb and died when all the other lambs were being killed as well.  There is no one else who fits that description or who did it at the exact moment of time – the appointed time.  We can also say it was the 1480th Passover from Moses, and 1480 is the numeric value of Christ.  So only the Christ, only the Messiah, could actually fulfill that promise at that exact time in exactly that same way.  On that basis, we declare Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God.  Amen. 

There is the promise of the Holy Spirit as well, which we have received.  But the blood of Jesus then, because He is the Messiah, yet speaks and therefore has a voice.  It is a very powerful voice, and in fact it overrides all other voices.

Luke 12:32

 “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”  He does that by the Holy Spirit.

1 John 2:2

Jesus’ blood speaks to the whole world; not just to us believers; not to just a few who might be of a particular bloodline, but all people.  All will benefit from this promise.  That is what we claim in this Divine Court.

#5  Part Two -- VOICE of Testimony of the Blood of the Martyrs

Genesis 4:10,11,12

We cite this passage as testimony that Abel’s blood was crying from the ground and that Cain had, in effect, spoon fed his blood to the earth that had already been cursed.  It’s those under the curse who drink blood, in that sense.  But also there is a provision here, whereby we may eat of His flesh and drink of the blood of Christ that is a counterpart to this.  We will get to that in a little while.

Leviticus 17:1,2,3,4,5,6

Moses testifies that this is the proper use of blood.  Otherwise, it is just bloodshed.  But when it is considered to be a sacrifice, then it speaks of the blood of Jesus and on that basis, His blood is sprinkled upon the altar of our hearts.  In doing so, it is no longer a murder or just a mere killing.  It is a sacrifice that can atone for sin.  That is the law that we cite in this.

Leviticus 17:10,11,12,13,14,15

Our contention before the Divine Court here is based upon the testimony of the priesthood and the laws about blood. First of all, we see that this law pertains not only to Israel, but also to the aliens as well.  We see this in the beginning and the ending of that passage.  So this is not limited, once again, this is an unlimited thing that covers everyone on the face of the earth.  Secondly, we acknowledge that it is a sin to eat blood, because the purpose of blood is to atone, not be consumed.  So the atonement aspect is the way to treat this blood.  For that reason, as we will see shortly, we are commanded to eat His flesh and drink His blood, because that is the proper way to find atonement.

We can see that the earth itself was cursed.  In this curse they killed many of the Saints of the Most High and turned them into martyrs, or witnesses, of Christ’s crucifixion as well. So they are involved in it as His body; not just the Head, but the body has been martyred in this way.  A martyr is a witness, so they are bearing witness of the blood of Jesus from their perspective.  But from the perspective of those who killed them, just like those who Killed Jesus, from their perspective it is a sin, because they were simply consuming blood.  We are saying that the blood of Jesus and the blood of martyrs have been shed in the earth as a sacrifice for sin.  The whole Head and the body; the body simply follows the witness of the Head.

Hebrews 11:4

Abel’s blood still speaks.  He is a forerunner of all the martyrs that came after him.  His blood speaks and therefore also the blood of the martyrs speaks as well. As we read in the book of Revelation, the souls under the altar have a voice as well.  So their blood was poured out as their soul – the souls under the altar.  There is a promise given to these people that they would be given robes of righteousness.

John 6:53,54,55,56,57,58

We are to eat of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  This is the true way to eat and drink, rather than of the flesh.  Doing this of the flesh is a sin, doing it of the Spirit is righteousness.  We should also declare that the blood of Jesus speaks forgiveness as well.  Because this is what He said on the cross, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’  We declare that Jesus Christ, as the victim of all the sin of the world, had the Law of Victim’s Rights.  He has the right to forgive and He chose to forgive at that time.  So we declare forgiveness, not only giving voice to Jesus’ blood, but also the voice of the martyrs as well, who are in His image.  If they are in His image, they have His character and are in His likeness.  In the end they bear witness and agree with Him that all mankind should receive forgiveness of sins.


Matthew 26:26,27,28,29

As we take communion here, we are conscious that we are acting as The Council of the LORD, and we are representing all of creation; we are actually prophesying by this act of communion that there will be a reconciliation of all things where all of mankind, wherever they are and whenever they have lived,  will drink of His blood and eat of His flesh, so that they may have Life within themselves.  Amen. 

1 Corinthians 10:16,17,18,19,20,21

I might add that the “table of devils” which he is talking about is a direct reference back to Leviticus 17:7 about the Law of Sacrifice.  If you don’t do with the blood what you’re supposed to do—that is, to offer it on the altar of God—then you are in essence partaking at the table of devils [saiyr, “satyrs”].  So anyone who does not consider the blood of Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice for sin is in agreement with the Accuser.  What we are doing here is partaking on behalf of all creation, which will make a change so the rest of creation will no longer worship at the table of devils, but will worship at the feet of Christ: everyone partaking of His blood and His body.  Amen.  Praise God!  That’s not a bad plan!    

He said, “Take eat, this is My body, it is broken for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.”

(We partake of the bread of communion in unity.)

We drink of the cup also.  So this is the New Covenant in My blood.  Do this in remembrance of Me.  As often as you eat of this bread and drink of this cup you show forth My death until I come.  He also said that He won’t drink of this until the Kingdom.  Let this be the beginning!  Amen!  Praise God!

(We partake of the wine of communion in unity.)

We thank You Heavenly Father, the great Judge of all the earth.  Your righteousness, holiness, and justice; all of Your justice comes out of Your heart of Love; so that You are able to find a way to bring mercy without violating any principle of justice.  We have presented our case, which is what we believe to be Your case, from Your heart.  We have presented this as evidence and testimony in the Divine Court this day.

So we rest our case.  In Jesus name, Amen and Amen!  Hallelujah!!

Luke 12:32 "......it is our Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom."

Shofar blown to signify the closing of this Divine Court case.

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