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Revelation about the market crash

Aug 29, 2015

The recent market crash probably will give the Fed the excuse to leave the zero interest rate where it has been since the last market crash in September of 2008. It has been nearly seven years now since the last crash. The Fed's "solution" has been to flood Wall Street with cash by offering the big banks no-interest loans. This policy bailed out the banks and helped the stock market recover, but it did little to solve the broader economic problem insofar as Main Street is concerned.

The recovery was always just around the corner, just a few months away. The Fed was always going to raise interest rates a few months later, first when the unemployment rate got down to 6%, and then when some other indicator improved. In my view, I saw this as the start of Babylon's collapse, so I did not view this as just another market cycle. After all, we had just completed 13 years of spiritual warfare (1993-2006), appealing to the divine court for the end of the world's captivity. Having won our case in heaven, we viewed these earthly results in that light.

In the past seven years the world has not recovered from the 2008 crash. Stock markets have certainly rebounded as new money flooded into stocks (equities), but the stock market is not an accurate measure of an economy. It only reflects the earnings of the few. The jobless rate in the US still remains stuck at 15% or higher. Even the official "Unemployment Rate" (5.3%) only measures the number of people who are getting unemployment benefits. It does not measure the number of people who are actually unemployed or underemployed.

A few days ago I was sent some revelation from the Far East about the most recent market collapse: "There will be three rounds of up and down; on the fourth, it will totally collapse." His comment was, "the world wide collapse has started," although, he added, "this will be spread out over the next three years."

He also gave further revelation: "God has said His plans will be fulfilled, and legions of warrior angels like the vast oceans are on standby." In other words, this is not a time for panic, but for faith, which comes by hearing the word of God.

His understanding is that the first collapse (of the four) is what just occurred in August 2015. However, it may be that September 2008 was the first, and August 2015 was the second. There are often various ways to interpret and understand the Father's Word. We should be watchful either way, but it appears that there is at least one more downturn in the market before the final (fourth) collapse.

His practical suggestion is to "get out of all paper investments." Also, "get into gold/silver; get your cash out, get out of stocks now." Of course, for those who know what they are doing, there may still be opportunity to make money on the up-and-down market, but it is risky, too. Take note that most of the major financial advisers wept crocodile tears last week, saying, "No one saw this coming!"

They are wrong, of course. Many DID see it coming and have been warning people about it for months. But these people were ignored on most news stations. You see, the system is based on confidence, not on genuine fundamentals. So the official news channels do not want to give much credence to those who would undermine confidence in the integrity of the system. But every time a crash occurs, more and more people come to see that flooding the market with "QE to infinity" did not fix the underlying systemic problem. People then begin to lose confidence in the system.

It appears to me that if God allows the markets to crash three times before "the big one," it is His mercy being extended to a lot of people. The first three crashes are divine hints to see who is paying attention. This gives people an opportunity to lose confidence in Babylon, so that if they have any wealth to preserve, they might avoid losing it, even if they do not have ears to hear the word of the Lord.

Keep in mind also that this could be spread out over the next three years, according to my source. This may imply that the fourth (big) crash is not imminent and could occur as late as 2018. My own revelation tells me of a three-year period from the end of 2014 to the end of 2017 (which, by the Hebrew calendar is the start of 2018). Recall that this is the hundred-year cycle from 1914-1917.

So I hope that this gives you a longer-term perspective on prophetic events. Most people today are focusing entirely on September 2015, as if this will mark the end of the world. Certainly, this next month will be important, but there will be life after September.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones