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The Sting continues to catch Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts

Jul 30, 2015

A fourth video has now appeared, where Planned Parenthood officials are discussing how to sell body parts of aborted babies. A partial birth abortion is the most valuable to them, because they can abort a baby just before it is born and then sell the best of its body parts for the most money.


However, it seems that the American public in general values a dead lion more than a dead human baby. Killing a lion is called "murder," but killing a human baby is just an extraction of fetal tissue.


The hatred against Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed the famous Zimbabwe lion named Cecil, has gone viral and consequentially Palmer has had to temporarily close his practice.

Palmer reportedly paid $55,000 to professional guides who then lured Cecil out of the national park where he lived so that Palmer could shoot him with a crossbow, track him for 40 hours, kill him and behead him.

For his actions, the trophy hunter has been inundated with criticism on Yelp, in social media, and on late night shows. He sent a letter apologizing to his patients for the effect this has had on his dental practice.

 The house cleaning continues.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones