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The American Way is the wrong way

Jul 18, 2015

The US government, being increasingly dominated by the big corporations, has begun to exhibit their same dog-eat-dog competitive practice. It is not enough for them to rise to power, but they must destroy their competitors as well.

Back in the 1980’s the Reagan program of “downsizing government” did not at all reduce the size of government, but instead increased it. His vision was also to “privatize” many departments and functions of government, such as selling off Interstate highways to private investors who then turned them into toll roads.

Part of this also was to turn all the departments of government into corporations, which then could be sold off to private interests. Exactly who owns what is a big secret, of course, and the number of shares that each big corporation owns is also a well-kept secret. But judging from the actions of each corporation, it is plain that the Department of Defense corporation is now owned by the multinational munitions corporations. The Department of Agriculture is owned by big corporations such as Monsanto.

The Treasury Department, of course, was taken over long ago by the big banks. The Federal Reserve Bank has always been a private bank and are proud of their "independence" from the Federal Government. The problem is that the US government is no longer "independent" of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.

They began to privatize prisons, too, in order to “save money.” In so doing, they ensured that inmates will receive the minimum of food and shelter that is required to keep them alive. I know from a friend who was in a Pennsylvania prison that the prison was unheated in the winter, the inmates were issued just one blanket, and they fed them just twice a day. Meat was served once a week.

Yet they continually send out the propaganda about prisons having tennis courts and swimming pools, as if inmates had landed in the lap of luxury. Unfortunately, many of the judges in America own stock in these private prisons, and so they have a vested interest in sending more and more people to prisons with longer prison terms. They have a direct conflict of interest in their administration of “justice.”

Most likely the Department of Justice is owned by the same private corporations that have quietly taken ownership of American prisons.

Thus, the US government has been taken over by the big corporations. This, by the way, is the dictionary definition of Fascism. When we think of the many soldiers who died in WW2 to overthrow Fascism and “to make the world safe for Democracy,” this is a sickening development and a mockery of every veteran in America.

Yet it is now mainstream and is “the American way.” We the people are expected to support it as part of American life.

In view of this takeover, it is not surprising that the US government would manifest the same spirit that dominates the big corporations. The same destructive spirit that hides under the guise of “healthy competition” is seen in the beliefs and policies of Brzezinski, Wolfowitz, Cheney, and others—and now perpetuated by the current president.

This is what the following news commentary is pointing out:


There are two ways to come out on top; the first one — to compete fairly, developing your skills and earning universal respect; the other one — to undermine the positions of your contestants through destruction, prompting fear and animosity.

Embarrassingly, it seems the United States, also known as "the sole super-power" or the "global hyperpower" has chosen the latter way to ensure its global dominance.

Instead of building some local or global structures, facilitating the development of other nations, the United States has devoted itself to perpetual destruction….

In addition to all-out military conflicts, Washington has been waging economic wars, imposing sanctions and doing whatever it takes to restrain the economic growth of its potential competitors worldwide.

After Washington's main rival, the USSR, collapsed, the United States obviously lost its chance to win the hearts and minds of peoples of the world, luring itself into a series of endless wars and overseas interventions and consigning to oblivion its own domestic problems, such as growing inequality, a fading middle class and severe racial tensions within the country.

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