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Jul 15, 2015

This has been a very important week in the news.

The Greek Austerity Deal

On Monday, July 13, the Greek Prime Minister finally caved in to pressure from the EU and agreed to the austerity measures that the people had voted 61-39% to reject just a week earlier.


However, this deal is not yet established. The only deal was for the Prime Minister to try to sell austerity to the Greek Parliament, which has the power to reject it. Then even if the Parliament accepts the austerity package, it would only begin the time for negotiations.

Meanwhile, it is likely that the Greek people themselves will “storm the Bastille” and will overthrow or bring down their own government before any final “deal” is reached. Many of the people are furious and feel betrayed. What they thought was going to be a democratic process has turned out to be just another dictatorship overruling the people.


Essentially, the Prime Minister has put off the problem until September. Or perhaps we should say that he has started throwing the hot potato around, and it is anyone’s guess where it will land.

Iran Nuclear Deal

The nuclear negotiations with Iran have been going on for a long time, and they finally reached an agreement on Tuesday, July 14. Now it is being presented to the US Congress, where they will have 60 days to examine it and vote on it.

Once again, the deal is nowhere near concluded, and it will continue to be debated until September.

July is like September, according to the old revelation. What we see in July tends to be repeated on a greater scale in September. It appears that it is happening again this year.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has probably suffered the greatest defeat by this agreement with Iran. It shows that his influence with the US government is dwindling. He will have to put pressure on President Obama by lighting a fire under the Republican-led Congress and the Christian Zionist churches led by John Hagee (Hagar).


Little by little, the antichrists (as John would call them) are being overthrown, and the Edomite faction in world Jewry are losing power, both politically and economically. It will not be long before Edom will fall (See the book of Obadiah), and the rulers of Babylon will be replaced by the kings of the east. If you don’t understand those terms or if you don’t know who’s who in Bible prophecy, read my books.

The World Currencies

We are moving steadily and rather quickly now to the end game. It appears that one of the big changes will come in November when the IMF meets to decide policy regarding the basket of currencies and which currencies are “world reserve currencies.” It is widely expected that the Chinese renmimbi (or yuan) will be added to this list when they meet.

There are now seven world currencies, the most dominant being the US dollar and the euro. The British pound is another, and the Swiss franc as well.

By the way, this IMF meeting, some said, was probably to be held on October 20. This was, however, speculation, and it represented someone’s best guess. The IMF has since clarified that their meeting will be held in November.


If China’s currency is added to the list of world reserve currencies, expect very big changes to occur, with the US dollar and the euro to fall in value the most. The nations will not need as many dollars or euros to conduct world trade, so they will sell a lot of their reserves in order to make room for a sufficient quantity of yuan. It is doubtful if the US government manipulators will be able to absorb this shock and keep the dollar and the euro from dropping significantly.

It might be a safe bet to convert some of those currencies into tangible assets, such as gold and silver. Right now the price of metals are highly undervalued. The dollar and euro are facing a lot of pressure in the next few months, particularly from Greece, while at the same time the price of gold and silver are below the cost of mining them. If the prices don’t rise soon, some mines could be forced to shut down.

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