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Fluoride reduces IQ, Harvard researches now say

Jul 07, 2015

This conclusion by Harvard researchers seems obvious to those of us who know the history of fluoride in drinking water, going back at least to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945. Many say they learned it from the Nazis, although some researchers say they have been unable to find any proof to substantiate that assertion.

I suppose the study is “better late than never,” but meanwhile a whole generation has been poisoned by fluoride, trading IQ for fewer cavities—or so they thought.


Specifically, the Harvard researchers detailed the fact that children who lived in areas with high sodium fluoride content had ‘significantly lower’ IQ than those in areas with less added fluoride content. What’s more, this research was published in a federal government medical journal known as Environmental Health Perspectives.

The researchers from Harvard specifically stated:

“The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas….”

Now, in June of 2015, another landmark study has hit: sodium fluoride in the water supply isn’t even preventing cavities! Now is the time to make this a well-known study, instead of a footnote buried within the latest news feed. After all, it’s huge news that this information is finally being displayed by the mainstream media after years of anti-fluoride activists enduring the label ‘conspiracy theorist.’

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones