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Wisdom From an Elder

Jun 05, 2015

Robert Henley recently posted an interview with Brian Williams, who is an evangelist friend (now retired) that we met in 1999. He lives in Glastonbury, England. Brian spoke at some of our meetings in those days, including the Tabernacles conference in 2000 at Champaign, Illinois.

Note especially his wisdom on healing ministry in the second video. Brian saw God heal hundreds of ears and eyes during his meetings throughout the years.


I will have visitors and activities this week end, so it is doubtful if I will be able to post weblogs the rest of this week. But these videos should give you some good spiritual food. I listened to them all this week and can highly recommend them.

On another subject, it appears that the Greek debt crisis was kicked down the road one more time. The IMF rules allow them to "bundle" debts that come due on different days of the same month. There is a larger payment that Greece is supposed to make on June 30, so they "bundled" the June 5 payment with the one on June 30. This means Greece won't have to make its June 5 payment until June 30 along with the the second debt that is due.

Greece then will owe payment on two debts June 30, increasing the likelihood of the default at that time.

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