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US pushes Russia toward war

Jun 27, 2015

Here is an informative article about the desire of Western oligarchs to demonize Putin and to antagonize Russia into doing something that can make it look like they started the war. So far Putin has been smart enough to keep his cool in spite of the provocations and pokes in the eye.

I’m reminded of the old cartoon of the boy who came home and explained to his dad about his black eye: “Joe started it when he hit me back.” US policy is to provoke Russia into hitting back, so that the western media can claim Russia started the war.


In the battle to stay on top of the world and remain in control of it, Washington inevitably lurches back and forth in its policy decision making. Now they and their scribes in corporate media have settled back into comfortable territory, simultaneously vilifying the Russian government and endlessly repeating anti-Russian propaganda.

A recent New York Times editorial with the grandiose title, “The Fantasy Mr. Putin is Selling,” claimed that president Putin has a “willingness to brandish nuclear weapons.” There was no mention of America’s unilateral withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty in 2002. Not content to tell one lie the Times then criticized Putin for “aggressive behavior, including pouring troops and weapons into Kaliningrad, a Russian city located between NATO members Lithuania and Poland.” Of course, Russia has every right to arm its own territory. The Times also neglected to mention that the American military are positioning weapons and holding training exercises in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and the Baltic states that border Russia. It seems that those provocations are not deemed worthy of mention.

The New York Times and its counterparts always play this role. They cozy up to president Obama as they have with all his predecessors and support any and all of their mischief. Far from being a voice of information for the public, they do the bidding of the powerful and are accessories to their crimes.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones