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The Greek debt crisis and prophecy

Jun 15, 2015

The Greek debt crisis just reached an important impasse, with EU officials ready to deliver an ultimatum: Pay up or else!


The “else” is not so clear. Economic sanctions, of course, are assured. Greece won’t get any new loans from Europe that would increase their debt and make it that much more difficult to pay back the loans in the future.

The more realistic “else” is that many European banks will collapse, and a Greek exit could become one domino out of many (Spain and Italy, for starters). The euro itself could begin to slide into the abyss, and the European nations will have to return to their own currencies. If this happens, perhaps their new currencies will be asset backed according to the new system being formed by China and Russia, supported by much of the world.

My question is: Why Greece? Is there a particular prophetic reason why Greece should be the one bringing the Babylonian banking system to an end?

Recall that the “seven times” (2,520 years) which God allotted to the beast empires was interrupted from 163-63 B.C. This deprived the Grecian empire of the final century of its allotted time before Rome would take over.

That lost Greek century, then, had to be given to the beast empires at the end (1914-2014). You see, prophecy teachers a century ago thought of the “seven times” in strict chronological terms, as if Babylon had to fall at the end of 2,520 years. That did not happen, of course, because they should have thought of this as a legal contract giving the beast nations ‘seven times” to rule in the earth as a divine judgment upon Jerusalem.

Hence, the actual rule of the beast nations did not reach 2,520 years until the end of 2014. And now we see Greece threatening the whole Babylonian banking system. Is there a reason why it is Greece, rather than Iraq (Babylon) or Iran (Persia) or even Italy (Rome) that is threatening the banks today? Why Greece?

It seems to me that it is because although this is 100-year extension from 1914-2014 is known generally as Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation, it is really an extension of the Greek empire, making up for its long-lost century. Note also that the Greeks are best known as the inventors of Democracy. This past century has seen the rise of Democracy, which has replaced both monarchies and republics as the presumed ideal political system. Of course, the natural outworking of Democracy is Socialism, which is actually what the world has accepted as the best form of government.

The end of the beast empires, then, can be seen more specifically as the end of the Greek empire’s dominion. This will probably also bring about the world’s disillusionment with Socialist Democracy. After all, a big reason for Greece’s astronomical debt (as with other nations) is its adherence to Socialism. It seems to me that Socialism itself is going to be the big loser in the geopolitical sense, as men realize that the great Socialist Experiment of the twentieth century was not sustainable in the long run.

In other words, Socialism will become the next extinct economic theory after the demise of Communism as a viable political theory.

The link above says that the Greek prime minister will visit Russia this week end to talk to President Putin. Greece and Russia have much religion and culture in common, both being Orthodox nations. The religious center for the Orthodox Church was in New Rome (i.e., Constantinople, “City of Constantine”) until 1453 when the city fell to the Islamic Turks. The center of Orthodoxy then shifted to Moscow, where it was known as the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1917, when Russia fell to the Communists (backed by the western bankers), the center of Orthodoxy moved to Kosovo. This was one reason behind the war in Kosovo in the 1990’s.

With the conflict in Kosovo, coupled with the release of Russia from Communism, Orthodoxy has once again shifted to Moscow, where President Putin protects it and is helping to revive Orthodox Christian culture from the grave.

So there is much that Greece has in common with Russia. Even the Russian language uses Cyrillic letters, which are the ancient Greek letters, written in all capitals.

It is likely that Greek Prime Minister Tsipras will strike some sort of deal with Putin, and this will allow Greece to default and fall on a Russian cushion. Russia has already volunteered to set aside sanctions and to purchase Greek agricultural products. This would be very helpful, because Europe might forbid Greek imports if the nation defaults.

My advice, for what it is worth, would be for Greece to study the Iceland model. Iceland defaulted and arrested the bankers responsible for their situation. The country took an immediate hit, but it has recovered quickly, once it repudiated its debt and kicked out their slave masters. It is difficult to be a runaway slave, but sometimes it is the better choice.

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