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The coming crisis

Jun 25, 2015

The crisis in Europe over the Greek bailout shows no signs of an agreement. A run on the Greek banks began some time ago, as people began to withdraw their money. The first three days this week this increased to 2 billion euros. It will probably get worse as the June 30 deadline approaches.

Recall also that June 30 is the deadline for the nuclear negotiations with Iran as well. That piece of news has largely been forgotten as the Greek debt crisis has taken all of our attention.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, scheduled for the night of June 30, seems to be marking some very important events.

If Europe reaches a last-minute compromise with Greece, the crisis will not end. Most of the “bailout” is earmarked ahead of time, so Greece would not have much leeway on how to spend it. If the current crisis can be caused by a scheduled repayment of just 1.5 billion euros, what about the larger payments that are due in July? They owe more than 7 billion euros in just the next month. The current bailout that is in dispute would not even cover their debt repayments, much less help them rebuild their economy.

Here is a list of just the next couple of months' obligations:

  • End of June: IMF repayment, 1.5 billion euros
  • July 10: Greek Treasury T-bill redemption, 2 billion euros
  • July 13: IMF repayment, 450 million euros
  • July 17: Greek T-bill redemption, 1 billion euros
  • July 20: ECB and national central banks repayments, 3.5 billion euros
  • August 1: IMF coupon payment, 175 million euros
  • August 7: Greek T-bill redemption, 1 billion euros
  • August 20: ECB and national central banks repayments, 3.2 billion euros
  • September 4: IMF repayment, 300 million euros
  • September 4: Greek T-bill redemption, 1.4 billion euros

This is the reality of the situation. Maybe they can kick the can down the road for another month—or even two, if they choose—but in the end, all of these debts will swallow up any help from the Eurozone.

Perhaps the real curiosity is that China could easily pay off Greece’s entire debt, if it wanted to do so. So could the USA. After all, the Federal Reserve sent $15 trillion to help out Europe in 2008 in the last big crisis. Greece’s entire debt is less than a half trillion. Half a trillion dollars would be a small price to pay for the salvation of the western banking system and the Eurozone itself. To me, this shows that someone up at the top wants the system to crash while they wring their hands on the sidelines while sitting in their money tree, from which they are able to create unlimited supplies of money out of nothing.

Lindsey Williams reported recently that his so-called “Elite friend” (one of the Babylonian oligarchs) told him that they plan to crash the system between September and December of this year. Can this report be trusted? Probably. These people understand the law better than most Christians do, and they know that before they “attack” us, they have to give us warning (Deuteronomy 20:10).

Of course, they also know that very few of us are in any position to prevent them from doing what they want. Their agents have already infiltrated the seminaries decades ago in order to prevent the people from understanding the Scriptures. Likewise, they have corrupted the culture by promoting sin, drugs, deviant behavior, and the destruction of the family unit, in order to ensure that divine judgment continues. They know that a genuine repentance and return to the law of God would cause them to fall from power. So Jeremiah 50:7 says of these Babylonians,

7 All who came upon them [God’s people] have devoured them; and their adversaries have said, “We are not guilty, inasmuch as they have sinned against the Lord who is the habitation of righteousness, even the Lord, the hope of their fathers.”

As long as the Babylonians can keep the people in a corrupted state, they believe that they are authorized by God to oppress them in any way they wish. But this tactic is limited by time. While it is true that repentance has the potential to cut short any time of divine judgment—or at least to lessen its effects by restricting the power of those who were given power over us—our judgment is limited by contract to 2,520 years. This ended in late 2014.

During this long time of judgment, the people’s repentance always served to lessen the effects of divine judgment. But the problem is that it was an Old Covenant issue, based upon the will of man, that is, man’s ability to turn to God. Such repentance, as seen in Scripture, is always temporary and transitory from one generation to another.

At the end of the 2,520 years, however, God has now stepped in to bring changes that are based on the New Covenant—that is, God’s vow to make us His people by the counsel of His own will. The failure of the people to repent in the past places no restrictions on God’s ability to change our hearts by His sovereign intervention.

His plan has always been to allow men to have the first opportunity to fulfill their vows to God by the power of the flesh. Only when that appointed time has reached its conclusion does God take over by His own power. Another way to put it is that man was given opportunity to succeed by the authority granted him in Genesis 1:26 until he has had adequate time to prove his inability. Then the unlimited sovereignty of God supersedes man’s limited authority, and God proves to be a smashing success.

I believe we are at that point now, where God is overruling the will of man, which is His right. From the patterns found in Scripture and in history, He is using the fleshly ambitions of the Babylonian oligarchs against them in order to overthrow them. First, God has hardened their hearts so that they refuse to set the people free, even as He did with Pharaoh (Exodus 10:1) and with the Babylonians (Jeremiah 50:33).

Once they overstep the legal boundary of their 2,520 year contract, refusing to release the people from bondage, then God is legally able to step in and take all the wealth from them that they had accumulated by their oppression of God’s unrepentant people. Of course, God never intended to let them keep it, but there is a lawful procedure that God follows, so that He does not take their wealth in an unlawful manner.

The story of Gideon also gives us insight into God’s tactic. From that story we see how God caused confusion among the oppressors, which made them destroy each other (Judges 7:22). God will also destroy the wisdom of their mighty (“elite”) men of wealth (Obadiah 8). Thus, He is causing them to believe that if they crash the economies of the world, they will come out of at the other end with full power.

But God has other plans. Unfortunately, many today do not understand this, and so they sound the alarm, trying desperately to warn people that these ruthless oligarchs are planning to crash the system and then use the chaos as an excuse to declare martial law. I do not doubt that this is the plan, but I believe that this is part of God’s plan to get them to destroy themselves and their power base (money).

The key is to understand WHEN this plan is taking effect. The “martial law” plan has been around for decades, and it has been implemented in hidden ways already; but now it seems they are about to implement it fully. Why now? Because God has turned the wisdom of their wise men into foolishness. They think they can extend their rule into the Age to come, but they do not realize that their contract ended in 2014.

In their arrogance, they think that they can rise up to the stars and cast God off His throne. This is the most foolish idea of all. But thank God for that arrogance, because it is evidence that they are about to be overthrown—and to destroy themselves without our help. Gideon’s army is too small to deal with such a big problem, so God has given us alternative weapons. Our weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

Specifically, in this case, our weapon is the understanding of the appointed feast days in God’s word. Gideon’s army was outfitted with the feast of trumpets, the Day of Atonement to break the earthen vessels by repentance, and the torch of the feast of Tabernacles that shines forth. Judges 7:19, 20 says,

19 So Gideon and the hundred men who were with him came to the outskirts of the camp at the beginning of the middle watch, when they had just posted the watch; and they blew the trumpets and smashed the pitchers that were in their hands. 20 When the three companies blew the trumpets and broke the pitchers, they held the torches in their left hands and the trumpets in their right hands for blowing, and cried, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!”

Our message has focused primarily on the revelation of the feast days, both in our personal lives and in prophecy as a whole. Your “sword for the Lord” is in three parts: trumpets, pitchers, and torches. Others may understand the problem, even as many Israelites understood the Midianite problem in the days of Gideon. But you have been given the solution. Others are trying to raise up an army to overpower the Midianites. You are part of the divine plan by which He lets them destroy themselves.

It will be interesting to watch what happens between now and September/December. June 30 seems to be the first major watch date. July 1 (7/1) is a type of the feast of Trumpets. Then July 10 (7/10) is a type of the Day of Atonement. This is followed by the type of the feast of Tabernacles on July 15-22, which is the 203rd day of the year. (The Great Pyramid has 203 layers of stone. The 204th was the capstone that the builders rejected, which is yet to become the head of the corner. Psalm 118:22.)

Remember the old revelation: “July is like September.” Often, what happens in July foreshadows events in September. Operation Jade Helm 15 is scheduled to begin July 15 and go for two months to September 15.

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