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Taiwan fire update

Jun 30, 2015

Natural News is reporting that as a result of the fire, a gay rights activist was arrested for causing the fire.


(NaturalNews) Taiwan gay rights activist and "rainbow party" (Color Play) organizer Zhong Ji Lu was taken into custody by Taiwan police today for his role in the massive, deadly fireball that rained down upon 500 youth celebrating over the weekend. He was questioned and released on NT$1 million bail, with investigations pending.

Zhong Ji Lu is the key founder of Gay Rights Taiwan (http://www.facebook.com/gayrightstw) according to Storm Media Group in Taiwan. Mr. Lu is well known as a gay rights activist according to Liberty Times Net Taiwan. He's also been the subject of top news on Pridewatch Taiwan (http://www.pridewatch.tw/people/yaowz) as a gay rights activist. Since this link was first publicized, the Pridewatch Taiwan website has been down, likely due to the very large amount of traffic referred by Natural News.

The Color Play Creative Company and Rui Bo Marketing Agency are responsible for this tragedy, reports China Times. Both organizations are owned by Taiwan gay rights activist Zhong Ji Lu, who has been linked to numerous business scandals, according to the Times.

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