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June 30 Conjunction between Venus and Jupiter

Jun 19, 2015

There will be a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter on the night of June 30/July 1. The author of the article below believes that Jesus was born on the feast of Trumpets in 3 B.C. I believe Jesus was born a year later, but nonetheless the article is revealing.

There were actually two conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter just before Jesus was born. The first was on August 12, 3 B.C., and the other on June 17, 2 B.C. The author below thinks Jesus was born a month after the first conjunction. I believe he was born after the second (the double witness) the next year.


They will gradually move closer together over the next two weeks as Venus chases and catches Jupiter on the last day of June. This will be not only a brilliant sight, but also one with Christological significance.

This conjunction will closely resemble the one that occurred just before Jesus of Nazareth was born…

The 2015 conjunction coming up will give us the rare opportunity to witness a similar scene that the magi saw. They were watching the paths of Venus and Jupiter very closely since Daniel had prophesied the date of the coming of Messiah. Venus, the bright and morning star, representing Messiah’s passion and love, “chased” Jupiter and eventually caught up when they were both in Leo. We will witness a similar chase as Venus follows after Jupiter leading up to the conjunction. Venus, the effulgence of beauty and passion, represents the bride of Christ; and Jupiter, also known as the King Planet, represents Messiah, the groom. As such, when Venus chases Jupiter, it shows the bride of Christ pursuing the King and coming together with Him in His reign on earth, as Leo indicates. The magi anticipated His first coming as the Redeemer and King. Now, we likewise anticipate His coming as King and Bridegroom. In short, this conjunction tells all who have eyes to see that the promise of reigning with Him as His bride will be given to those who chase the Lord and catch Him….

As an additional note, the conjunction that followed the one in 3 bc is one of the closest alignments of Venus and Jupiter in history. They came so close together on June 17, 2 bc that they appeared as one star, which had to be extremely bright since they are the two brightest planets. In fact, many astronomers believe that this was the touted “His Star.” The conjunction coming up on June 30/July 1 will be quite close but not as close as that one.

When we think of how closely this conjunction resembles the one that the magi witnessed and then we combine that with the prophetic implications of other current celestial events, we can’t help but lift up our eyes and see that our redemption is drawing nigh! 

Take note that this sign will take place on the night of June 30, early in the morning of July 1st. June 30 is the deadline for Greece to pay its debt, so it is a very important date this year.

July 1st is always a watch date for us, because it is a sign of the feast of Trumpets (7/1). Keep in mind that Jesus was born on the feast of Trumpets, and that Trumpets is also the prophesied day for the resurrection of the dead. It appears that this conjunction could be a sign of resurrection (new birth) for either this year or next. It is usually not possible to know precisely what the signs are prophesying, but it is certainly a good sign (for us).

If a Greek default or repudiation of their debt occurs on June 30, July 1st will be the start of a new chapter in European history, signed by Venus and Jupiter.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones