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ISIS drying up the Euphrates River

Jun 08, 2015

In Iraq, upstream from the old city of Babylon, ISIS controls the river and the dam at Ramadi. They are now stopping the water, which is drying up the river downstream.

This is a possible sign of the soon-coming fall of Mystery Babylon.


BAGHDAD, Iraq — ISIS has closed off a dam to the north of the Iraqi city of Ramadi — seized by its forces last month — cutting water supplies to pro-government towns downstream and making it easier for its fighters to attack forces loyal to Baghdad, local officials and residents said….

They added that the level of water in the Euphrates was now low enough that the river could be walked across, making it easier for ISIS militants to cross and attack the pro-government towns of Husaybah and Khalidiyah as well as the large security forces base at Habbaniya.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones