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How currency revaluations work

Jun 03, 2015

Here is a good common-sense article about currency revaluations. The author speaks also of the Iraqi dinar in relation to this.


It may not be making the headlines, but countries all over the world have been revaluing their currency for several decades or are about to, including China….

Most revaluations are a good investment

Typically during the revaluation period a country’s currency is worth very little to nothing. It is in fact, the main reason a currency is revalued. So buying currency in countries such as Vietnam, Mexico, Myanmar, and Iraq during a revaluation is a 99% sure bet to make money off your investment. This is due to the natural increase or ‘worth’ to a country’s currency after it is revalued. However, I am surprised how many people are ignorant about investing in currency and/or respond with “It’s probably a scam….”

The U.S. Government is the largest holder of Iraqi Dinar outside of Iraq”

– WealthyToday.com

“The Dinar will eventually have substantial value, possibly the highest in the world.”

– Las Vegas-based investor, Ronald Scarpa

There is a double-edged sword to this scenario, however. On one hand, this fits perfectly into the U.S. saving the inevitable downfall of the dollar. On the other hand, it exposes the banking fraud, and will take the control away from the banks. Also by establishing IQD as an asset-backed leading currency will act as a benchmark for other countries to follow. In other words, currencies that are not asset-backed will lose their value, while those with asset-based currency will lead. Experts in the investment world refer to this as a global currency reset. [9] And as you can imagine, most banks, if not all, do not want this.

In conclusion, there are two positive thoughts to leave you with: 1) If you one of the millions of people who have Dinar, please hang in there. Just know that it will eventually revalue. 2) Out of this, we may have the start of currencies returning to being asset-backed and based. This will lead to these currencies over-throwing those that are not, and has the potential to restore power to the people, where it belongs.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones