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Greek plan for referendum rejected by European leaders

Jun 27, 2015

Greece’s latest exercise in democracy is being rejected by European leaders. The Greek president announced yesterday that he would present the final European proposal to the people to let them accept or reject it. This made the European leaders angry, so it appears that they are now resigned to a Greek default next Tuesday.


Greece tried to put this to a referendum four years ago in October 2011, but the referendum was cancelled after European leaders rejected the idea.

The Greek view: The people should have the right to decide if they want to be enslaved in order to pay off the “odious” debt incurred by decision of politicians and bankers.

The European view: The Greek people should not have the right to vote on whether or not to pay what they owe. The politicians only gave the people what they wanted in terms of pensions and retirement benefits, so the people are indeed responsible.

There are, of course, deeper issues, including the role of Goldman Sachs, which used illegal methods (like hiding debt) to allow Greece to qualify to join the Eurozone some years ago.

Under biblical law, debtors are to be enslaved until their debts are paid. However, the law also mandates a rest from debt payments every seventh year, and a complete cancellation of debt every 50th year. The Eurozone does not recognize God’s law, however, because the foundation of their legal system is the law of Justinian. This is the law of the “little horn,” which in 534 A.D. established Church law, not God’s law. (So how’s that working out for you?)

I don’t like to criticize without also providing some kind of solution. So here goes…

I believe these financial events are first steps toward fundamental changes in the law of nations. It is becoming increasingly apparent to everyone that the current economic laws of Western countries are inadequate in the long run. We can see now that man’s laws lead either to total slavery to the creditors or to a repudiation of the unsustainable debt.

It’s not that people didn’t know this would happen a long time ago. They could do the math. I was reading about this over 40 years ago. It’s just that now the math has caught up to us, and the time is ripe for judgment. Men used to laugh at the idea of a Jubilee. Now there is a growing chorus among financial experts that we have no choice but to declare a Jubilee.

Circumstances will force a Jubilee, and there is nothing that the creditors can do about it, short of enforcing enslavement by military means. The real question is whether men will stop despising God’s law and actually implement the Jubilee. If they simply wipe out the debt but keep the present laws in place, then we will be back to square one in another hundred years.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones