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After being snubbed by President Obama, will Secretary of State John Kerry resign?

Jun 09, 2015

Zerohedge has published a very insightful article showing the inner conflict between President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

On September 5, 2014 the leaders of Germany, France, and Russia got the warring sides in Ukraine to sign the Minsk Protocol, calling for a ceasefire. Since then, Russia has succeeded in limiting the pro-Russian side from any serious acquisitions of territory.

But in recent months Ukrainian oligarch Petro Poroshenko has threatened 3 times to invade Crimea and take back what he says belongs rightfully to Ukraine. He threatened this on April 30, May 11, and again on June 5. Zerohedge writes:

Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, bannered, on June 5th, "Poroshenko: Ukraine Will 'Do Everything' To Retake Crimea',” and reported that, “President Petro Poroshenko has vowed to seek Crimea's return to Ukrainian rule. … Speaking at a news conference on June 5,…. Poroshenko said that 'every day and every moment, we will do everything to return Crimea to Ukraine.’”


US Secretary of State John Kerry advised Poroshenko to back off.

Kerry said then that, regarding Poroshenko, "we would strongly urge him to think twice not to engage in that kind of activity, that that would put Minsk in serious jeopardy. And we would be very, very concerned about what the consequences of that kind of action at this time may be.” Also quoted there was Kerry’s subordinate, Victoria Nuland, three days later, saying the exact opposite, that we "reiterate our deep commitment to a single Ukrainian nation, including Crimea, and all the other regions of Ukraine.” I noted, then that, "The only person with the power to fire Nuland is actually U.S. President Barack Obama.” However, Obama instead has sided with Nuland on this….

The personalities here are important: On 4 February 2014, in the very same phone-conversation with Geoffrey Pyatt, America’s Ambassador in Ukraine, in which Nuland had instructed Pyatt to get “Yats” Yatsenyuk appointed to lead Ukraine after the coup (which then occurred 18 days later), she also famously said “F—k  the EU!” Obama is now seconding that statement of hers….

The way this turns out will show a lot, about John Kerry. The nations of Europe already know everything they need to know about Barack Obama. If Kerry quits, he’ll have respect around the world. If he stays, he’ll be just another Colin Powell [discredited by Bush, Jr.].

The ball is in Kerry’s court, and everyone will see how he plays it — and what type of man he is (and isn’t).

Since Germany and France brokered the Minsk agreement last September, Obama’s snub of John Kerry also slaps them in the face.  We can’t help but wonder how long the Europeans will submit to the US policy that is costing them billions in trade with Russia only to be insulted and bullied by US foreign policy. I suspect that the line will be crossed at some point, and Europe will revolt and turn to Russia. Instead of asking if Russia will turn East or West, we should be asking if Europe will turn East or West.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones