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Operation Jade Helm 15 and Prophecy

May 12, 2015

Operation Jade Helm 15 is a military “exercise” scheduled for July 15 to Sept. 15, 2015.


Many are speculating that it is really the US government preparing for economic collapse by declaring martial law and removing all “problem” people, including patriots and Christian leaders.

Personally, I wonder if this may actually be the Pentagon's way of preparing to arrest the Babylonian leaders of the Cabal in our own government and preparing for possible riots that the Cabal may stir up through its influence in the press and the paranoia in the alternate media.

This may actually be an outward sign of an internal war within the US government and the Pentagon itself. Certainly, there have been many reports about this in recent years. If any portion of these reports are true, the picture shows two factions in the Pentagon—one side working for the Cabal of American oligarchs, and the side working against them. Those working against them, it is said, are receiving assistance from the Elders in China.

My understanding of this is that it is the main focus of the covert war between East and West. Biblically, it is patterned after the Persian-Babylonian war which reached its culmination in Daniel 5. Revelation 16:12 tells us that this ancient war will be repeated in the struggle between Mystery Babylon and “the kings of the east.”

Benjamin Fulford has little understanding of Bible prophecy, but his sources among the White Dragon Family in Japan confirm my view about Jade Helm. Fulford wrote in his latest article for May 11, 2015,

Pentagon sources say that a civil war is possible between the US military and mercenary armies paid by the Khazarian Mafia. The recent talk in the Khazarian propaganda press about some operation called “Jade Helm” is aimed at inciting Americans into believing US armed forces are their enemy. In addition, the Khazarians are now saying ISIS (Israeli Security Intelligence Service) is in the US ready to start trouble.

He adds this as well:

The Khazarian Mafia is also issuing veiled threats it will “blow up” emerging markets. Timothy Adams, head of the Institute of International Finance, which represents the world’s biggest banks, issued this threat in a recent report.


However, US and Asian government sources say most of these big banks would be shut down despite these threats because they represent the Babylonian debt slavery system that is being dismantled in order to free humanity.


In other words, the existing financial system is being threatened by both sides in the war between East and West. If the East shuts it down, it will be more orderly, but if the West shuts it down as a retaliatory measure (the "Samson Option"), it could cause quite a bit of chaos. Note that Fulford has adopted the biblical terminology describing the Western banking system as "Babylon."

Contradicting this is an article below from All News Pipeline which takes the position that Jade Helm 15 is a Babylonian attempt to deal with a coming financial collapse in America. They believe it is an attempt by our Babylonian government to declare martial law and to enslave Americans fully.

The article also talks about Jade Helm and its apparent partnership with Walmart:

An All News Pipeline reader has emailed us the photographs seen both above and below showing a mysterious white truck at a Texas Wal-Mart, this one in Killeen, Texas, and asked us if we know what this truck is for. As you can clearly see in the images below, the truck has US government tags and according to a deep background source, is likely a part of the US Army ATEC Command, specifically a 'National Incident Command' vehicle, with many capabilities including hooking up a trailer to haul additional supplies if necessary….

Whether this US government owned vehicle is in Texas as part of a storm response team or there for Jade Helm 15 preparation, this is a mysterious US government owned truck at a Texas Wal-Mart and with everything else going on right now, nothing should be overlooked. Several email communications attempting to share these photographs with others were actually blocked several times from being sent, likely showing this is sensitive information. This also adds another layer of mystery to the theory that Wal-Marts across America are being set up to be used as emergency command centers, or worse, while preparing for the economic collapse of America, a massive build-up to something bad in America is clear.   

The videos below share a myriad number of stories including a caller to the Alex Jones show from New Hampshire who tells us of a massive buildup of tanks in the 'Live Free or Die' state in the 1st video, the 2nd video gives us more evidence that Jade Helm is being put in place for the coming financial collapse of America….

Regardless of the military’s motives for carrying out Operation Jade Helm 15, we ought to be aware of it and to prepare for possible problems this summer. However, it is more important to know what the Father is doing, because the plans of men are largely concealed for obvious reasons. God reveals, man conceals. It is not unusual for the plans of God and men to look like total contradictions. It is also not unusual for it to appear as if the plans of men are succeeding until the eleventh hour. (Note Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea or King Sennacherib’s attempt to take Jerusalem in the time of Hezekiah.)

Reports have circulated for years, however, that there are many military men in the Pentagon who are genuinely alarmed at the covert takeover of the US government by a banking Cabal that has turned us from a government “for the people” to a government for the oligarchs. Certainly, they are well aware of the change in US policy in 2001, where the Cabal deliberately demolished the Twin Towers in order to justify the so-called “Patriot Act.”

They are also aware of the US policy to destabilize the Middle East. General Wesley Clark has been talking about this for many years to expose the real reason for US military operations in the Middle East.


If General Wesley Clark knows about it, then certainly the other generals all know about it, too. The only question is whether or not they agree with that policy. Many are very concerned about this and want to reinstate the Constitution as the basis of government and law.

There has also been much talk about reinstating the original Republic and removing the USA from its current status as a bankrupt entity that was taken over by its creditors in 1933 under President Roosevelt. It is said that the Chinese Elders have a great interest in seeing the Republic established as well, along with the overthrow of the western oligarchs. The main reason, perhaps, is because the Federal Reserve has consistently refused to repay its gold loans to the Elders, even though the World Court has ruled against the Fed in lawsuits since 1978.

A few years ago reports began to say that the Pentagon was about to arrest key members of government for treason. The same reports warned people not to take the side of the traitors but to prepare for up to two weeks of possible disruption. These arrests did not occur, of course, at least until now, but it makes me wonder if Jade Helm 15 is part of this plan. If so, I would characterize it as the repeat of the event in Daniel 5.

Consider the name of this operation. Every military operation is named carefully, either as a propaganda trick to make it seem the opposite of reality, or as a true but hidden description of the operation. So what is the meaning of the name Operation Jade Helm 15? When one “takes the helm,” it indicates a change of leadership or control. Jade itself is a green stone most associated with China. I do not know why they attached the number 15 to it, but to me the number signifies a new direction.

The Walmart connection is strange, but since 1996 Walmart has been the main importer of goods from China. Since then Walmart’s business and its very survival has been tied to China. For many years I have called it China, Inc. Perhaps this is why Walmarts around the country have been in close cooperation with Jade Helm, possibly being used as Command Centers for Jade Helm.

Whatever the case, it is clear that the time is fast approaching when Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. The problem comes mostly from those who do not understand the divine plan set forth in Scripture. Their prophetic viewpoints make them believe that “The Great Tribulation” is coming, rather than the Kingdom of God. They are looking more for “The Antichrist,” rather than the real Christ. And they do not realize that the Tribulation has been going on since the captivities of Israel and Judah in biblical times. They do not know that Antichrist has been with us at least since the days when John wrote his first epistle (1 John 2:22, 23).

In other words, we are now at the END of the Tribulation. We are not looking for its starting point. The future is good, not evil, though at the present time we are still in the climax of this tribulation. We are not looking for the establishment of Mystery Babylon, but at its demise. We are looking for the new “kings of the east” to dry up the liquidity of Babylon, that is, its money, and to breach the walls of Babylon by coming into the city between the BANKS of the river.

When Cyrus and Darius took Babylon in Daniel 5, they took the city intact. There was no great destruction, nor were masses of people killed. For prophetic purposes the Bible records only that the king was killed (Daniel 5:30). Those kings of the east then set God’s people free so that they could return and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. In our time the new kings of the east have the same calling. God has raised them up to set us free from our present captivity to Mystery Babylon.

Many Christians, however, have been taught that China and Russia are the bad guys in prophecy. This is due mostly to their view that Russia will invade Israel and that China will send a 200 million man army (Revelation 9:16) to cross the Euphrates in order to march against the land of Israel.

Their view of prophecy misapplies these prophecies, forcing them also to conclude that the kings of the east in Revelation 16:12 are the enemies of God. Therefore they cannot see the obvious connection to the original kings of the east (Cyrus and Darius), whom God raised up to set His people free and to fund the rebuilding of the Kingdom of God.

Daniel never condemned Cyrus and Darius, and Isaiah 45:1 literally calls Cyrus a “messiah,” one whom God would anoint for a special purpose for the good of the world. How is it, then, that so many prophecy teachers think that the kings of the east are evil? They think this because of prior assumptions inherent in their view of prophecy.

This is why I am currently writing a series on the book of Daniel, and I plan to write a commentary on Revelation afterward.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones