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A shift in Washington politics

May 19, 2015

On May 1, 2015 the US snubbed Russia Victory Day celebration. This was Russia’s 60th anniversary celebration of victory over Nazi Germany at the close of World War 2.


There was a big parade in which soldiers from Russia, China, and India marched together in a show of unity. The US chose to be absent, according to its recent policy of trying to isolate Russia. But instead, the US simply isolated itself.

It seems that the US government has now undergone a major shift in its strategy, now realizing that it is the biggest loser. Perhaps it was the Saudi snub last week (May 13), when only two of the Mideast leaders showed up for President Obama’s Arab Summit. Saudi Arabia’s king had promised to come but then he backed out at the last minute.


I can only imagine the alarm that was sounded in the White House. In the big game of snubbing, Obama discovered that everyone else knew how to play that game, too! The US government is being snubbed everywhere. Suddenly, Secretary of State John Kerry was off to Russia to visit with Russian President Putin last week just three days after his latest snub of Russia.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts comments on this:

There is much speculation about US Secretary of State John Kerry’s rush visit to Russia in the wake of Russia’s successful Victory Day celebration on May 9. On May 11, Kerry, who was snubbing Russia on the 9th, was on his way to Russia, and Putin consented to see him on May 12.

As time passes we will find out why Kerry was snubbing Putin on May 9 and 3 days later was criticizing Washington’s puppet regime in Ukraine. For what is known at this time, a possible explanation is that Washington is coming to its senses.


He goes on to explain that Russia the largest nation in the world and has the most natural resources of any nation. China and India have the largest populations. Together, the Big Three comprise a block that cannot be ignored, and certainly cannot be isolated. The fact that all three nations marched together in unity at the Victory Celebration sent a clear message to President Obama that Russia is not the isolated nation in this snubbing contest. Few nations are following the US lead anymore, and if the US does not change its policy soon, it will find itself the pariah nation in the world.

On May 18 Benjamin Fulford also pointed out the Chinese government suddenly began to buy US bonds again in the wake of John Kerry’s visit with Putin. He writes:

It is also no coincidence that Kerry’s turnaround at the same time as the Chinese government once again started buying US government bonds and once again surpassed Japan to become the largest holder of these cabal debt notes. Clearly the Chinese told the Americans: “if you want us to pay your bills you have to stop being a bad boy in the Ukraine.”

China had slipped to number 2 among the nations holding the most US bonds, while Japan had moved up to the number 1 position. But in last night’s news, the BBC reported that China was now back to the number 1 position. If this connection is true, it shows that China had stopped funding the US government debt until it agreed to stop its war on Russia. John Kerry must have said the right things to Putin to warrant a sudden resumption in China's purchase of US bonds.

Fulford then points out that all of this has to do with the US coup in Ukraine last year. Ukrainian president Poroshenko is now very upset that his support from the US is eroding fast as the US is having to back down from its war against Russia. He writes:

There was also an unusually blatant propaganda shouting match that followed the Kerry visit. Here are two headlines that appeared after this meeting:

“Poroshenko says there is no alternative to complete fulfilment of Minsk agreements”


“Poroshenko says Minsk deal ‘pseudo-peace’, vows to fight to the last drop of blood”


So there seems to be a lot of turmoil in the wake of the US turnabout in its economic war against Russia. The US is the clear loser here, and it seems that President Obama now finally acknowledges this and is trying to find a way to end it without losing face.

To me, this signals the near end of the war between Babylon and the kings of the east.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones