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Passover conference report (and more)

Apr 07, 2015

The conference last week end was truly awesome. Those of you who were able to watch it in person or at least on the internet know this already. If you did not get a chance to do so, you may watch the videos here:


The speakers did a great job. The musicians were awesome. We had an impressive array of musicians who are not only talented, but (more importantly) have a calling in this type of ministry. There is a difference between talent and calling.

Off stage, there was a lot of healing ministry taking place. Some of the speakers talked about this, but the only way to really appreciate it is to experience it for yourself. We estimate that about one-third of those attending the conference were ministered to in this manner.

I had gotten a word from the Father about having healing sessions at the Passover conference this year, because the Scripture “By His stripes we are healed” applies to this particular feast more than to any other. We had four couples from our local group who were trained to minister in this way. Because such ministry cannot be rushed, each session took at least an hour, with many being set free from inner blockages that had hindered them emotionally and spiritually from fulfilling their callings.

I want to personally thank these couples for all of their ministry at the conference, which they did freely. Perhaps next time we will have more people who are able to minister in this manner.

The real climax of the conference was on Sunday morning, April 6, where we crowned the Head with the body, heaven and earth being in agreement. It was the coronation of the overcomers, wherever they may be found. I believe that this was a historic occasion in Kingdom history, and its effects will be seen over time.

We ourselves are taking very practical and concrete steps to implement the revelation on earth. We see that the Dominion Mandate has been transferred to the saints of the Most High, and so God is directing us to do our part in the new government of the Stone Kingdom that is now arising in the world. Yes, it is yet small, as Daniel 2:35 indicates. But when the power of the kingdoms of men begin to fail, we need to have some sort of government to replace it. As one slowly falls, the other slowly rises.

Of course, at the present time, we are seeing these things with the eye of faith. In other words, we see it by revelation as we walk by faith, not by sight. We are already seeing signs of change in the world, but at the present time, unless a person knows what to look for and understands what he is seeing, world events look chaotic and frightening.

The Washington “Flag” Incident

China’s ambassador came on a trade mission to Washington state over the week end. The governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, raised the flag of China at the capital, which is the usual courtesy for visiting dignitaries. This sparked some outrage among some, who took it to mean that the flag of “Communist China” was being raised to a height equal to the US flag.

The truth is, temporarily flying a foreign visitor’s flag during his or her diplomatic visit is pretty routine stuff. When Chinese President Hu Jintao visited with then-President George W. Bush in April 2006, the Republican White House flew “a Communist China flag” at “the same height” as “Old Glory,” too. It wasn’t a big deal. The republic remains intact.


Nonetheless, it seems that a state employee took down the flag with a police officer guarding him.


Whether or not foreign flags ought to be raised when foreign dignitaries visit this country is for others to argue. I am sure that other countries offer the same courtesy when our presidents or ambassadors visit them. It is done to show a friendly and respectful relationship between nations.

More important is the prophetic significance of this incident. This would have passed unnoticed except for the indignation of Tea Party conservatives. So we thank them for their service.

Washington State reveals Washington DC

For decades we have viewed Washington state as a spiritual representative of Washington DC. When we lived in Seattle, Washington (1993-1996) we discovered the spiritual connections between these two Washingtons. We could discern what was happening in Washington DC just by watching what was happening in Washington state.

The capital of Washington is Olympia, named for the mountain capital of the Greek gods. The pride-filled rulers of Babylon refer to themselves as Olympians. So years ago we engaged in some spiritual warfare at the state capital and also watched some unusual events taking place there.

On January 27, 1995 three of us were led to go to the State Capitol in Olympia to observe and speak the word of the Lord. The next day we were led to go to “Capitol Hill” overlooking Seattle, WA and read John 17 at 7:00 p.m. The Father had told us to do this and then “watch what I do.” When we finished, there was a 5.0 Richter earthquake that struck nearby under Federal Way, WA.

Six years later, in February 2001, I was led to make a trip to Seattle once again to do a two-day prayer campaign from Feb. 26-28. When I left on the 28th, a 6.0 Richter quake cracked the dome of the Olympia Capitol building, rendering it uninhabitable. We took this as a sign of things to come in Washington DC. The Dominions (“domes”) of men are coming down. We saw signs of this more than 20 years ago.

This latest “flag” event also reveals some prophetic events soon to come.

First, we should understand that there are no Communist countries in the world today. They are Socialist nations working to achieve their “ideal” condition known as communism. Remember the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, better known simply as The Soviet Union? These were not “Communist Republics.” They were Socialist Republics.

Europe and America are somewhat less Socialistic than the Soviet Union was, but the same world rulers of Babylon have been drawing us further and further into Socialism for a very long time. Socialism is their preferred tool to lead us into Totalitarian government, where they have total control, and all men are their slaves. They use the Democratic Party to raise taxes, and they use the Republican Party to create wars and (in the name of “security”) remove our freedoms—both for the purpose of enslaving the people.

The point is that Washington DC has been a Socialist city-state for a very long time, if not from the beginning. Socialism is the common denominator between Washington and China. Many do not realize this, because they still think that the USA is the same nation as that which was founded 200 years ago. It is not.

So when the flag was taken down in Olympia, Washington, the onlookers saw this in terms of “Communist China.” Their objection was the ideology more than the nation of China itself. I see this as a prophetic sign of what is soon to happen in Washington DC., except that I see it as the removal of Babylonian Socialism as a theory of government.

Kingdom government empowers the people to take care of the poor, rather than having the government steal from “the rich” in order to give to “the poor.” Kingdom taxes (“tithes”) are limited to 10 or 12 percent, along with a few other offerings, gleanings from the field, etc. The commandment, “Thou shalt not steal,” applies as much to the government as it does to the people. In fact, the law against bearing false witness (lying) applies as much to the government as it does to the people.

Kingdom law is to be applied equally, because right is right, and wrong is wrong.

I could not find a specific date where the flag was taken down in Olympia, Washington, but it seems to have occurred on Sunday, April 5, or perhaps the next day. Therefore, I see a link between that sign and the coronation of the overcomers. This may also indicate something about China itself and a change of leadership in the years to come. I believe that China’s 130 million Christians will see their prayers answered at some point and that China will become a key nation in the Kingdom of God, along with others.

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