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Doors are Opening

Apr 14, 2015

Some months ago the two 76-day cycles of cleansing began on Nov. 14, 2014. The difference between this year and past years is that these cleansing cycles now lead us to the start of the new Prophetic Year, rather than in themselves being the first few months of the new Prophetic Year.

In other words, the Prophetic Year used to start in late October or early November, but now the PY begins in April after the two 76-cycles have ended. The Father has instituted a change, similar to what occurred under Moses in Exodus 12:2.

The two cycles are:

Nov. 14, 2014 to Jan. 29, 2015

Jan. 30 to April 15, 2015

So tomorrow is the end of the two cleansing cycles and the start of the Prophetic Year. That, of course, makes it a watch date.

This will be the first Prophetic Year since the Coronation on April 5, 2015. In biblical terminology, tomorrow begins the first year of the reign of the Overcomers.

Trip to Holland

Darla and I will be flying to Holland on Monday, April 20, and will be returning two weeks later on May 4. This will be a trip for teaching and fellowship, and hopefully it will be a time where our Dutch friends from different groups may get to know each other.

I am looking forward to this trip, not only to meet friends, but also because of Holland’s connection to the tribe of Zebulun. Here is one of many sites showing this:


We also know that the prophet Jonah (Jonas in Greek) was from a small town in Zebulun named Gath-hepher (Joshua 19:13; 2 Kings 14:25).


Jonas is the same as Jones, so for many years I have had to endure Ron’s way of identifying me as “Steve Jonas.”

Anyway, if this trip turns out to be prophetic, it could foreshadow the beginning of a move toward the conversion of prophetic Nineveh, “City of Fish.” Nineveh serves two prophetic levels. Nineveh was the capital of Assyria, Israel’s enemy—the great fish that swallowed up the House of Israel. But Nineveh also portrays the Church, because the sign of the fish (Gr. ICHTHUS) was the sign of the early Christians, based on the acronym for Iesus Christos Theos Soter (Jesus Christ, God and Savior).

We expect the Open Door Ministry to benefit both the Church and the World, each on its own level. And, of course, Jonah was a type of Christ in both His appearances, because Jonah was called twice to go to Nineveh. His first calling resulted in his being swallowed up by the great fish (type of death), followed by his resurrection out of the mouth of the whale. His second calling, then, speaks of the second work of Christ, in which the word is preached to “Nineveh,” resulting in the conversion of the entire city.

So for Jonas to go back to Zebulun may provide some interesting insights and perhaps establish some timing factors for the Open Door Ministry. It may be significant that this will be the first trip after the Coronation of the Overcomers last week.

A Regional Grass Roots Great Awakening Coming

After the Passover conference, Brother Vinnie and Joy felt a new release that God would open doors for them to travel and to minister. They have a prophetically confirmed mandate from the Lord that they will be catalysts for a grass-roots “Great Awakening.”

So on the way home from the conference last week, Vinnie and Joy began to pray and then to proclaim the effectual open doors of ministry, complete with all the manifestations of His presence and provision to follow. Within an hour, a young pastor from Tampa, who Vinnie had met some years ago, called to tell how blessed he was by the girls at the conference, as he had been one of the online viewers. He then invited Vinnie (and family) to minister, perhaps in June, and then said that he would sow a seed into their ministry.

This seemed to be an immediate confirmation to prayer. So he called two of his close friends, Steve and Landon, to ask for confirmation and prayer. Landon called back soon afterward and began to proclaim that God was giving them authority in the entire Gulf Coast region from East Texas to Florida and as far north as Savannah, GA.

This region, of course, includes Tampa, FL, where Vinnie had just been invited to speak.

The vision is to bring and demonstrate the Kingdom of God that is coming on the earth—not just in the years ahead, but NOW through the saints according to the prophecies. The emphasis, he says, will be on the Manifest Presence of God, the Love of God, and teaching how to flow with HIM in signs, wonders, healings, and miracles (1 Thessalonians 2:12; Romans 14:17; 1 Corinthians 4:20).

So Vinnie says, “We are believing God to send us to the saints that are hungry for His presence and power and want to tangibly demonstrate it to the souls around them. We feel like the region God has given us is where to start, but we are open to other doors both here and internationally. We are being awakened to His Love and realms of His Glory like never before. It is time to be awakened.”

Personally, I see that Vinnie is called to show the Love of God to the Church and to demonstrate His Glory to the world. Indications are that this long-anticipated Open Door Ministry is finally getting traction.

The Ninth Elisha Sign

On April 12, 2009 the Elisha ministry was proclaimed, and over the next 15 months we saw the first eight of Elisha’s miracle-signs occur. After half of them were completed (equaling Elijah’s eight miracle-signs), they abruptly ended on July 15, 2010. The ninth sign (2 Kings 4:42-44), which is the provision for the rest of the signs, has not been seen yet, but we know that it will be readily apparent when it comes, because then the “bread” will be multiplied sufficiently for the tenth sign.

The tenth sign is the story of Naaman the Syrian leper and how he was healed. The story is told in 2 Kings 5. Of course, the law in Leviticus 14:1-7 deals with the cleansing of lepers, and we see there that it takes two doves to cleanse a leper. These two doves represent Christ in His two comings. Also, Jonah’s name means “dove,” and so he is the prophetic witness of the law, showing us its prophetic application.

We have been poised since July of 2010, waiting for the ninth sign in order to be released into the tenth sign of Elisha. This tenth sign is about the Word going forth into the world to heal it of spiritual leprosy (mortality). Jonah pictured this work by preaching the word to Nineveh.

On November 14, 2013 I was sent to the Philippines to hold a conference for pastors and teachers and was asked to “feed 100 men.” I saw this as the ninth sign of Elisha, because it ran parallel to the story of Elisha multiplying the bread to feed a hundred men (2 Kings 4:43). This was “a sign of the sign,” a forerunner to the actual ninth sign of Elisha. Nonetheless, the Father told me that I was to reckon it done by the law of imputation, where God calls what is NOT as though it were (Romans 4:17 KJV).

Since that time, I have traveled more and more, reckoning the funds to be there when the need came. Last July Darla and I spent a week in New Zealand and two weeks in Australia. Then in November we returned to the Philippines for ten days. Then this past March we traveled to New Zealand for three weeks. The Lord has provided each time so that my wife and I could go together without hardship or debt.

Now we look forward to the two-week trip to Holland beginning next week. Once again, our way has been paid, and so we have seen His promise fulfilled. By reckoning the provision to be there, we have been able to start the Open Door Ministry early. It really began in November of 2013 when we went to the Philippines just in time to fly over Super-Typhoon Haiyan as we flew from Manila in the north to Davao City in the south. The typhoon struck the middle islands.

So even though we do not have the massive funding that will be necessary to set up the Kingdom in every nation (as we foresee), we have had all that we need to begin the work. And now there is this trip to Holland to consider, along with its connection to Jonah and the second work of Christ, which we equate to the Open Door Ministry.

Meanwhile, here in America Brother Vinnie is getting revelation (with confirmation) about a Great Awakening, which seems to be focused in the southeastern region, at least at first.

Good things are happening. We have every reason to be encouraged. Even as we watch the collapse of Babylon, which they see as “bad news,” we are seeing the rise of the Kingdom of God and the start of a whole new move of God in the world.

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