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2015 Pentecost Conference in Dallas

Apr 15, 2015

For most of you, it is too far to drive or fly to Dallas for just a few hours. But if you are in the area, or plan to be in the area in late May, make your plans now to attend:

Sunday, May 24, 2015 (one day only)

11:00 am till 3:00 pm ish.

Dr. Stephen E. Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries will be in town for a couple of days over Pentecost visiting family and friends and will be speaking at our Pentecost meeting

Mark Eaton will also be speaking.

This meeting will be the regular monthly gathering of our local Lighthouse Remnant Fellowship.  Please join us for valuable teaching from God’s Word, fellowship and really good food.

Picasso's Pizza & Grill

18160 N. Dallas Pkwy @ Frankford Rd.

Dallas, Texas  75287



Ask for the “Pentecost group”; there is no charge to attend and the patio meeting room is free as long as everyone places an order, so plan on eating lunch as the meeting is going on.

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