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Who left the gates open?

Mar 23, 2015

Over the week end, the chairman of the IMF has come out with a statement that she is “delighted” to cooperate with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).


Et tú, IMF?

It seems that everyone except the US now wants the AIIB as their BFF. Just two weeks ago their only friends were being scowled upon and threatened with excommunication from the SWIFT system.

Then on March 12 Britain broke ranks and announced its intention to join the AIIB. The US was “furious.”


In a statement, UK Chancellor George Osborne said the UK had "actively promoted closer political and economic engagement with the Asia-Pacific region" and that joining the AIIB at the founding stage would create "an unrivaled opportunity for the UK and Asia to invest and grow together."

The US, however, sees the bank as a Chinese ploy to undermine US leadership in the global banking system, exerting pressure to keep its regional allies such as Australia, South Korea and Japan out of joining the bank. The Financial Times reported yesterday that US officials were "wary about a trend toward constant accommodation of China."

While as of yet there has been no official Chinese reaction to the spat between the two Western allies, we can imagine what officials in Beijing are thinking. Last year a Chinese general claimed that US Foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region has "erectile dysfunction."

That was so… yesterday. Now, in a reversal of policy, even the US government knows that it has made a major mistake and is in danger of being sidelined from the rest of the world. The New York Times reports that the US is now seeking some kind of cooperative partnership by “co-financing projects” with the AIIB!


You see, money is power. The US oligarchs have long used money power to control the rest of the world. All of that “foreign aid” came with strings attached, putting those aided nations under the hegemony of the US government. But now the US—and even the IMF itself—has suddenly been marginalized by competition. Who would seek an IMF loan which puts them into slavery when they can go to the AIIB which actually seeks to build their country’s infrastructure?

The banking monopoly has been broken.

It would be awkward indeed for the US to now seek to join the AIIB, which has Russia as its second most important founding member. After all, wasn’t the idea to isolate Russia? The US tactic has now fully backfired, as it is now the US that is rapidly being isolated. US policy was to provoke Russia into retaliating militarily in Ukraine, so that the US could claim it was right all along. But Putin was not that stupid. So the US invented military stories, like posting pictures of Russian tanks that were actually taken years ago in the Georgian conflict, claiming that these tanks were invading Ukraine. They were caught red-handed, of course, and it would have been a major scandal if the mainstream news had not put it on their back pages.

Putin’s response to US aggression was to continue working with China on financial projects which he knew would eventually isolate the US. After all, why risk nuclear war when power was really centered in money? That is why China too has been busy making economic alliances around the world for a long time.

All they really needed to do was to dethrone the US dollar from its position as a world reserve currency. When the nations no longer need to pay bills in US dollars through the SWIFT system, then the US dollar becomes largely irrelevant. At some point, it will be devalued to its true value not far from zero.

The next step coming will be when China and other nations de-peg their currencies from the dollar, so as not to crash and burn with it. They will do this before the dollar collapses, of course, so we need not worry about such a collapse until de-pegging occurs. The rise in value of the Chinese yuan will be necessary at some point to give it world reserve status, even if only as part of a basket of currencies.

In fact, it seems to me that Britain and other European countries have broken ranks with the US in order for their currencies to be part of that “basket.” They peered into the future and could not find the US dollar.

Has Financial Babylon Fallen?

Some day we will look back on March 12, 2015 as the day the financial priests of Babylon left open the gates of the city so that the kings of the east could enter on the dry river bed and take the city without a fight.

That is what has happened when Britain “betrayed” the US by switching sides.

In ancient times, the priests of Marduk in Babylon were upset when Belshazzar demoted Marduk to make him equal to the other gods of Babylon. The priests then betrayed the king by leaving the gates along the river unlocked. So when Cyrus diverted the river allowing his troops to march in the muddy riverbed, the Persian army gained access to the city through the unlocked gates.

Hence, it looks to me like the high priests of finance in “The City” have betrayed the King of Mystery Babylon by switching sides and joining the AIIB. This let loose an avalanche of pent-up disgust and rage against US intimidation and threats of war.

Suddenly, all the western nations—including those of the NATO Alliance—discovered their golden opportunity to throw off the US chains that had been dragging them into a needless war with Russia. The G8 became a G7 last year when the US kicked Russia out. Now it has become a G2, soon to become G1, then G½ .

The major discussion going on in the White House now is how to save face. If you can’t beat them, join them, says the old adage. All that remains is for President Obama to announce that the AIIB was, after all, his own idea from the start.

Just like Al Gore invented the internet.

Seriously, though, I suspect that the US is now putting out feelers to see how it can join the AIIB as well. China and Russia are probably in no mood to accommodate the US after enduring all the opposition for so many years. If they allow such a thing, the US would have to agree to a subordinate role, because there is no way that the US will be allowed to exercise any serious power in the AIIB. In the end, Babylon will be incorporated into Persia, of course, but Babylon will never again rise to its prior position of world power.

The kings of the east have won. All that remains is the cleanup, much like King Cyrus of Persia cleaned up for two or three years after taking Babylon. Our time frame remains the same, as established toward the end of 2014. Watch the next three years to the end of 2017.

The Bemidji Project 2012

In 2012 a group of us went to northern Minnesota to the town of Bemidji to issue some decrees. On the way there the Father spoke to me about the two “stones” (i.e., laws) that were to be placed in the walls of the New Jerusalem, marking the completion of the repair of the breaches in the walls.

I did not see fit to publish one specific thing that we did at the Masonic Temple in Bemidji. We were led to bar the front door with a staff saying, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. I took many pictures, but did not post them in our report, nor did I mention this particular decree (in order to avoid trouble).


However, now I see that the same Masonic Temple is being demolished. Apparently, the Father had pointed out this particular Temple to make it a symbol of the entire organization. God usually picks a small representative in order to represent the larger entity in order to reveal His plans.


Is it a mere coincidence that the AIIB has brought disaster to US monetary and foreign policy at the same time that this Masonic Temple is being demolished? I see these events as being connected on a prophetic level.

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