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Switzerland joins AIIB

Mar 21, 2015

The unraveling of US influence is continuing with Switzerland’s decision to join the AIIB as a founding member. South Korea is now considering it as well. It appears that to be a “founding member,” nations have to apply by March 28.


China's ministry of finance earlier said the country welcomed Switzerland's decision to apply to join the AIIB. The European nation submitted its candidacy to China last week.

Switzerland will become a founding member on 28 March if other members approve, according to a statement on the ministry website….

South Korea had initially declined to support the bank in 2014 due to concerns over governance and operation and fears that the US would be unhappy with the move, but those concerns were eliminated after prominent nations that are also close US allies decided to join the institution….

Britain is the first major Western country to apply to become an AIIB member. It will meet other founding members in March to discuss governance and accountability arrangements.

Hey, wait a minute! New Zealand was first. Let us give them proper credit for opening the door while the other nations were still cowering in the corner over threats from the US.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones