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Music can alter your genes

Mar 20, 2015

Be careful what type of music you listen to. It has the ability to alter your genes.

So says this news article.


Medical Daily reports classical music has a positive effect on the brain…

However, the study also showed that other types of music actually had the opposite effect as classical music.

Certain tones and elements of music are proven to cause our brains to function less properly.

Take note that it is not the lyrics but the music itself that were studied. No doubt the lyrics affect the mind and the way we think, but this study shows how music itself can change our genetic structure itself. Classical music, which promotes harmony, has a positive effect on us, but “other types of music” (modern popular music?) have an “opposite effect.” That is a nice way of saying that much modern music is detrimental to our genetic structure.

Perhaps it is time for Christian music to stop imitating the world.

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Category: Health
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones