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Decree to Commission the Overcomers for Coronation

Mar 21, 2015

Yesterday, March 20, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. three couples were led to issue a decree from the Divine Court. The same decree was issued in three different locations: Minnetonka, MN; Salina, KS; and Streetman, TX.


El Elyon, Most High God, we come before Your Courts today, the Throne of Grace, the Divine Court and the Holy Sanhedrin as You have directed us.  We are of Jesus Christ, and we come under our Lord and Savior's blood to make this decree.

We thank You Father that You are faithful.  Through You we see things not after the flesh by outward appearance, but by the Spirit; that with quietness we may do the work of our callings.

All scripture is breathed by You Father for our teaching, reproof, correction, discipline and instruction in righteousness.  Thank You that Your Word is faithful and true.  Thank You for sending Your Holy Angel Messengers to show Your Saints what we are to do and the things which must soon come to pass. 

Heavenly Father, at Your direction we DECREE the commissioning of Your Saints for their formal coronation in the United Kingdom of God at Passover 2015.  We call forth those who should be in attendance to represent Your Saints, to be in attendance at the Passover gathering.

Father we receive the due recompense of inheritance of our Lord Christ.  We give of our inheritance that whosoever is thirsty may come and drink and receive freely of the water of Life. 

El Elyon, Most High God, we give all glory and praise to You and thank You that all will be accomplished in Your perfect time. 

In the Name/Nature of Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen by all (with a 3-way phone call.)

COMMENT: This is preparatory to the actual Coronation at Passover 2015 that will occur in a couple of weeks.

In recent weeks many have noticed intense opposition and warfare, which generally precedes important events. There is nothing we can do but press on to victory.

You do not have to be in attendance at the Passover conference to be part of this coronation. Those who attend the conference will witness the proceedings so that it can be a public proclamation.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones