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Watching February 17-23

Feb 11, 2015

Benjamin Fulford reported yesterday in his blog:

Several e-mails were sent to this writer using complex cabalistic numerology to explain that February 17th would be the day that World War 3 starts.

He expresses no opinion on this, but he understands that February 17 is certainly a very important economic deadline for Europe. He writes further,

The Zionazi regime in Washington D.C. is also in trouble as it has yet to find a source of financing to keep it going after February 17th. The same is true for the European financial system.

Last week, in his February 3rd blog, he explained:

Meanwhile, the US corporate government faction supporting Obama is also in trouble. The Asian elders refused to roll over US corporate debt that came due on January 31st, according to Chinese government sources.

In other words, some debts (bonds?) came due on January 31st. Such debts are usually renewed, or “rolled over,” but in this case the Asian elders want full repayment. Since the US corporation (government) lacked the money to repay, they were threatened with a default, but they were given until February 17 to find the money.

On the financial front, the European Union is struggling to prevent the new Greek government’s vow to cancel debt from destroying the EU financial system. In the United States the corporate government is frantically trying to scrape up survival money before February 17th, the time they have been given to find funds after missing a January 31st payment deadline.

How is it that the US is running short of money? He cites an article from Forbes on January 13, 2015, in which the IRS was saying that tax refunds could be delayed for lack of funds.

Headline: IRS Warns Of Delayed Refunds, Long Waits For Taxpayers & Possible Shutdown


Beyond this, I have no information and have not had time to research it fully.

However, Richard Russell, the grandfather of financial newsletters, who is now 90 years old, is warning of a stock market crash in the near future. To see who Richard Russell is, look here:


Anyway, he was interviewed by King World News (KWN) in an article published today, where he told people that he was recommending that his clients sell all of their stocks and buy gold.


Government reports, of course, show that all is well, and the economy is doing very well. We have recovered fully from the crash of 2008, they say. But if you look at what is being said by those who look deeper, you find that the fundamentals are worse today than they were in 2008. The derivatives market is much more precarious, world debt has gone from $142 trillion to $199 trillion, and the Baltic Dry Index (which measures shipping and world trade) has now dropped lower than it was during the height of the banking crisis in 2008. In fact, it never really recovered from its previous high. See the chart here:


All of this provides background for a possible crisis or turning point on February 17. Considering the fact that virtually all large corporations have an astrologer or some other type of occultist on their payrolls, it is quite certain that all (or most of them) would take the “cabalistic numerology” seriously (from the Fulford quote at the beginning). In other words, whether we give credence to such things or not, the point is that THEY DO. What steps might they take, then, to protect themselves? If everyone sells their stock at the same time, the markets crash.

It has to do with perception, not with the fundamental value of the stocks. In fact, the entire banking system and various currencies, which used to have value based upon its gold backing, is now valued according to peoples “faith.” It is a faith-based system, having no more value than what the people perceive it to have.

This is why the government spends so much time giving sermons about faith in money, the stock market, and the economy. They do it to bolster our faith. They write their own economic Bible and then quote their own manipulated figures to prove their case. And they believe that this is what they were elected to do. Lies are built into their faith-based system, and the end justifies the means.

That is the reality, and the more we recognize this, the better prepared we will be when their man-made religion proves to be false.

The Ukraine Situation

The current president of Ukraine goes by the name of Petro Poroshenko. Fulford revealed his background in his blog on February 3, 2015,

Let us start with a closer look at what is happening in the Ukraine. According to Russian intelligence, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s real name is Valshman. Citing New York court records, the Russians say he is a dual Israeli US citizen of Romanian ancestry who took on his wife’s name to appear Ukrainian.

Remember Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs in the US State Department? She is the one whose phone was tapped, and whose conversation showed that she had been given a $5 billion budget to pay people to overthrow the Ukrainian government a year ago.


Fulford reported a few days ago that Nuland’s assistant was arrested by the Germans, and that he confessed the whole sordid story.

(Benjamin Fulford) Germans have arrested Victoria Nuland’s assistant, who in addition, is an employee of Vanguard Corporation, with almost a billion of high quality fake dollars, printed by Vanguard Corporation. This employee (is a member of the State Department), and now, during his interrogations, he “put under bus” Vanguard Corporation with all of its companies and “putting under bus” Nuland, McCain, Kerry, Brennan and others…

He testified how the Vanguard Corporation has printed billions of high quality fake dollars and paid to mercenaries in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, etc and paid mercenaries of Greystone and ISIS. He testifies about connections and oil deals between Vanguard Corporation and ISIS….

He described how all of the major mass murders and atrocities were organized by the Vanguard Corporation and Greystone mercenaries; how he communicated with Igor Kolomoyskiy and how together they were spreading fake dollars in Ukraine…

Germans promised him freedom, to hide him and support if he will tell everything he knows…


The Vanguard Corporation is a financial company, based in Malvern, PA, that manages about $3 trillion for investors.


According to Fulford, this Vanguard Group counterfeited US dollars to finance the Ukrainian coup and to pay bribes that would install the right government officials in the new government of Ukraine. He says that Victoria Nuland was the main liaison between Vanguard and the US State Department.

The arrest of the Vanguard employee in January, he says, and the information that he gave investigators, is what caused Germany and France to break away from the US policy and to go to Russia to meet with Putin without the consent or approval of the US State Department.

So on February 9, 2015 Fulford wrote in a blog,

The defeat of the international Zionazi crime cabal is now inevitable due to rapidly unfolding events around the world, most notably in the Middle East and the Ukraine. The arrest by Germany last week (as reported in this blog) of a US government official carrying billions of dollars in forged US $100 bills destined for the Ukraine has had enormous and ongoing repercussions. The Pentagon contacted this writer to say this was “actionable intelligence….”

The discovery that American State Department officials were supplying forged dollars to both sides of the battle in the Eastern Ukraine has already caused Germany and France to split with the Zionazi regime in Washington D.C. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande already met Russia’s Vladimir Putin last week without US approval and are planning on another meeting Wednesday. There is very little leaking in public about the talks but, according to Russian sources, France and Germany are seriously thinking of leaving NATO and creating alternative security arrangements with Russia.

The US official arrested by Germany has spilled the beans on exactly how the Zionazis were orchestrating the civil war in the Ukraine. The Vanguard Corporation, a front for the Federal Reserve Board (according to MI5) has paid mercenaries to kill people on both side of the conflict there so that they would blame it on each other. They also gave money to buy weapons to both sides of the conflict.

This is the same modus operandi they used to destroy Yugoslavia. It is the one also now in operation in Syria and Iraq.

Some day the full truth will be known about this, but not until the Western oligarchs lose power over the mainstream media. At the present time, we have to wonder what may transpire between February 17 and 23.

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