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Update on the Yellowstone Report

Feb 02, 2015

On January 30 I posted a Yellowstone Report.


It has been removed from U-Tube with an apology but no explanation. I do not know if it was a hoax or if someone just does not want to start a panic.

Here is another link we found on the same subject of the Yellowstone Super Volcano minus the "Two Week" possible timing statement made by the park Geologist when asked to define what he meant by "The Foreseeable Future".



(Note from GKMadmin) It is not uncommon for YouTube to pull down videos that someone for whatever reason has contested. Many believe that this Policy is also abused by YouTube (owned by Google) as it gives them a plausible cover to implement selective censorship of videos for  undisclosed reasons. It is not uncommon to go back to a video that has been released that reveals sensitive information only to go back in a day or two and see the now famous "Sorry about that" screen seen below.

YouTube - Sorry about that - 2015-02-02_14-58-40.png

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