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Understanding the News

Feb 17, 2015

Talks between Greece and the EU have collapsed. It appears that they are headed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.


Defaults usually mean that the parties go to a court or arbitrator and restructure the debt according to the debtor’s ability to pay. Under such an agreement, Greece might pay 20% to its creditors. They may end up doing this, but they may also simply default and give nothing to bond holders.

Russia is playing this situation to punish Europe for agreeing to go along with US sanctions. Russia is befriending Greece and offering to buy all the food items that Greece wants to export, if they exit the EU. In other words, Russia is assisting Greece to exit the Euro and bankrupt the big banks that control those governments.

It will be interesting to watch what happens during the next week (February 17-23), which is the culmination of Operation Jericho that began 1,260 days earlier.

Meanwhile, China is punishing the US as well for its sanctions and war in Ukraine. The Los Angeles Port strike is just getting started, which is affecting millions of shippers and truck drivers in America. All those who export goods to Asia stand to lose a lot of money.

What is the China connection?

Chinese companies have been buying ports and canals around the world for a long time as part of their long-term strategy to protect their exports by controlling shipping lanes. Here is an article from 2011:

Before the UAE controversy erupted, most Americans probably did not know that many US ports are already owned or run by private corporations, some of which are owned by foreign governments. According to the New York Times, foreign-based companies own and/or manage over 30% of US port terminals. According to Time Magazine, over 80% of the terminals in the Port of Los Angeles are run by foreign-owned companies, including the government of Singapore. In fact, APL Limited, controlled by the Singapore government, operates ports in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Chinese government-owned companies control terminals in the Port of Los Angeles and other West Coast ports, as well as both ends of the Panama Canal.


Spokesmen for the longshoremen in Los Angeles claim that the Port company has been requesting fewer and fewer workers for the past eight months. The Port company spokesmen say that the longshoremen are on a work slowdown, refusing to work. Who is right? I don’t know for sure, but if the problem began about eight months ago, then it coincided with the start of US sanctions against Russia.

It looks like this is another part of the economic war between East and West. The US Federal Reserve controls the SWIFT system of international payments, and the US government uses this as its financial weapon of economic warfare. China, on the other hand, controls international trade itself through the ports and canals. I suspect that each side is using its own leverage in this war.

Passover in Egypt

On February 15 ISIS showed videos which they said showed them beheading 21 Egyptians Coptic Christians in Libya. Some say these beheadings are faked. I think that ISIS is perfectly capable of doing such things, so I would not find it strange to see such a thing. Their “moral” code allows this, because their god is more concerned about forcing others to convert, rather than about manifesting Love. Their god is a tyrant, claiming to be powerful but devoid of any real love.

They did this on February 15, which is a prophetic type of the Second Passover (2/15). The number 21 is the biblical number of “distress” and is associated with the time of Jacob’s trouble. Those 21 Christians can claim to be types of Christ during the time of Jacob’s trouble. Their blood has been poured out under the altar of God (Rev. 6:9-11).

Passover Conference

As most of you know, we have scheduled a four-day Passover conference from April 2-5 here in Minneapolis. See our website for details and to make reservations at the hotel.


The prophetic significance of this conference will be to mark the coronation of the saints of the Most High, who have been authorized by the divine court to form the Kingdom government. By the end of 2014 the beast nations lost their final scrap of authorization to rule the world, so we are now called to start the work of putting together some form of Kingdom government.

This is not something that is limited to our own group, of course. But since we have this revelation, we are acting upon it, whether others do so or not. What we do will start small and be limited to whatever property we have and the number of people who desire to be part of it. Think of it as a Kingdom Company.

New Zealand Trip

Darla and I will be flying to New Zealand on February 25 and will return March 17. We have various meetings scheduled, along with time off for good behavior. We are looking forward to making new friends and meeting some that we have already known. A few are flying in from Australia as well.

Book 8 of Luke Completed

I completed the eighth book in the series on February 16, as expected. This book was the biggest challenge of all the Luke books, as I had to piece together the events of trial, crucifixion, resurrection, and post-resurrection appearances from the gospels and from some of Paul’s letters. I got the final piece of the puzzle about noon on February 16 and brought it to the print shop about 2 pm.

This book is 160 pages long, somewhat longer than the other books, but I am still offering it for $15 to keep the prices uniform. The first spiral-bound copies should be available in a couple of days.

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