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The Overthrow of the EU and Jericho

Feb 10, 2015

With the probable expulsion of Greece from the Eurozone ahead, it appears that a new economic trade union is being formed to replace it. It is one that seeks to unite Europe and Asia, rather than just the European nations themselves. The new leaders, Russia and China, will replace the old European leaders, headed by the Rothschilds and their allied banking fraternity.

On May 29, 2014 the Eurasian Economic Union was signed between Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, which came into effect on January 1, 2015.


Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan signed the historic Eurasian Economic Union which will come into effect in January 2015. Cutting down trade barriers and comprising over 170 million people it will be the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere.

"The just-signed treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance," Russian President Vladimir Putin said….

Citizens of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan will have the right to work freely throughout the member states without having to be issued any special work permits, Putin said….

"A new geopolitical reality of the 21st century is born,” Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said shortly after the final treaty was signed by the three leaders.

“We see this as an open space and a new bridge between the growing economies of Europe and Asia,”Nazarbayev added.

Egypt is now joining this Trade Union.


Egypt historically has had ties with Russia, but when the US threw Egypt under the bus a few years ago, overthrowing President Mubarak in the so-called “Arab Spring,” the Egyptians did not appreciate it. They especially did not appreciate the US alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt soon had a backlash that overthrew the US-installed Muslim Brotherhood and returned the country to its non-radical type of government. They then began establishing closer ties with Russia and breaking old ties with the US government.

Although China may not have formally signed on to this Eurasian Union, there is no doubt that they are very much a part of it. Russia is simply the bridge between Europe and China. No wonder the Western oligarchs hate Putin. Their latest character assassination attempt is to label Putin as “autistic.”


That report supposedly came from the Pentagon, perhaps the Department of Propaganda. (Do they have Putin’s vaccination records?) To my knowledge, the Pentagon has never given the press a psychological profile on any world leader. The reporter was obviously fed this information to make Putin look mentally unbalanced. It’s all part of the propaganda, which all patriots who support the war effort must believe without question.

Last September, the courts in Italy acknowledged that vaccinations are a major cause of autism.


Here in Minnesota, we have a large Somali community. These immigrants were all required to receive vaccinations in order to come to America. They never had any autism in Somalia. Now it is a big problem among the Somalis. They did not know that they would have to pay a big price to come to America.

Anyway, I doubt if Putin has received his vaccinations. He won’t even allow GMO’s to be imported into Russia.

The Fate of the Euro

Alan Greenspan, former head of the Fed, sees no way for Greece to remain in the EU and also sees no hope for the euro as a viable currency. BBC News reports this here:


The former head of the US central bank, Alan Greenspan, has predicted that Greece will have to leave the eurozone.

He told the BBC he could not see who would be willing to put up more loans to bolster Greece's struggling economy.

Greece wants to re-negotiate its bailout, but Mr Greenspan said "I don't think it will be resolved without Greece leaving the eurozone"….

Mr Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006, said: "I believe [Greece] will eventually leave. I don't think it helps them or the rest of the eurozone - it is just a matter of time before everyone recognises that parting is the best strategy.

"The problem is that there there is no way that I can conceive of the euro of continuing, unless and until all of the members of eurozone become politically integrated - actually even just fiscally integrated won't do it…."

He also warned that trying to hold the 19-nation euro bloc together "is putting strain on everybody". He said as well as Greece leaving the eurozone, there was a real risk of a "much bigger break-up" with other southern European countries forced out.

If Greenspan is correct (and I believe he is), then it seems that we are seeing the future. I believe that the kings of the east, like the ancient Medes and Persians, are pressing in on the Babylonian West. It may well be that the collapse of the Eurozone and its currency will be one of the main fulfillments of the prophecies of Mystery Babylon’s collapse.

The Second Passover in February

Today is February 10, 2015. Prophetically speaking, it is the time to select the lambs for the Second Passover (2/10), insofar as our calendar is concerned. Recall that on January 15, which is the prophetic type of the “first” Passover (1/15), the Swiss National Bank de-pegged from the euro, sending the value of the Swiss franc through the roof and casting the euro into the lower regions.

This was the first major blow to the euro. Then on January 25 the Greek elections were held, and the new government was formed the next day. This new government has a mandate to end the austerity program imposed upon it by the EU. So now in February we are seeing the fallout from that event. The EU refuses to negotiate with Greece and has given Greece a 10-day deadline to comply with the previously established austerity terms. They have until February 17 to comply. The Greek government will run out of money within a week of that and will probably have no choice but to default on bond payments.

There is no way, says Greenspan, that anyone would buy Greek bonds at this point, because the risk is too high for a default. In practice, Greece has no credit rating at all.

So let us look at the prophetic timing of this…

Moses to Joshua

The first Joshua brought down the walls of Jericho, which is a type of Mystery Babylon. The second Joshua (Yeshua-Jesus) is now working according to that biblical pattern to overthrow today’s Babylon. But Joshua could not move into his calling until Moses had finished his time of ministry.

One year ago, on February 16, 2014, I finished the ten Deuteronomy books. From the standpoint of prophetic timing, it completed the time of Moses and brought us to the time of Joshua. But instead of doing a commentary on Joshua, I did a study on Luke. Luke actually represents Joshua, because Luke is the 42nd book of the Bible. Joshua led Israel across the Jordan to their 42nd encampment (near Jericho).

I now anticipate the Luke books to be completed by next Monday, February 16, which is one year after completing Deuteronomy. I would like to finish early, but the Lord has been putting up an obstacle course to slow me down, so that I finish at the proper time. If I did not know the sovereignty of God, I could become impatient.

The Battle of Jericho

Jesus came the first time as a type of Moses (Deuteronomy 18:18; Acts 3:22). The second time He comes as Joshua the Ephraimite. His first work was at Passover; the second work focuses on the Second Passover. These two Passovers are represented prophetically as January 14/15 and February 14/15, each followed by a wave-sheaf offering on the 16th.

If I am seeing this correctly, today we “cross the Jordan” on the 10th of the month (Joshua 4:19). The original Joshua led them across the Jordan on the 1/10, but in our time we may shift this to 2/10.

That means we ought to watch February 14-16 to see some Passover/Wave-sheaf event on the world stage. The events occurring on these dates are shown in Joshua 5:10, 11, 12. The Israelites kept the Passover in the plains of Jericho, and on the 16th the manna ceased, and they began to eat of the fruit of the land.

Then they fought the battle of Jericho for seven days. I do not know if they actually started this battle the next day or not, but I believe that from the standpoint of prophecy, we need to watch February 17-23 for the “Battle of Jericho.” For this reason, I find the EU’s 1/17 ultimatum significant. We will definitely have to watch and see what happens on that date.

However, the Battle of Jericho seemed to accomplish nothing for the first six days. On the 7th day the city fell. So we may not see much happening visibly from February 17-22, but if this pattern proves to be correct, we ought to see some significant event on the 23rd that portrays the collapse of the walls of Mystery Babylon.

This brings us full circle from Operation Jericho, which was held here in the Twin Cities from September 11-17, 2011. When it was finished, I wrote a report about it here:


In 2012 we rebuilt or repaired the walls of the New Jerusalem.

In 2013 we took note of a prophetic work that others were doing: “Call to the Wall.”

In 2014 (February 16, 2014 to February 16, 2015) we have worked to repair the breaches in the walls and in the gates, and finished the book of Luke represents that work.

The New Jerusalem work has coincided with Operation Jericho, the first being the positive building portion of the work, which the overthrow of Jericho-Babylon has been the negative side. Both have been ongoing during this time. The positive work reaches its climax on February 16, 2015, and then the final phase of Operation Jericho ends on February 23.

Operation Jericho started on September 11, 2011 (the ten-year anniversary of the Twin Towers demolition) and ends on February 23, 2015, the 1260th day from the start.

The number 1,260 needs no explanation, as it was first given in Daniel 12:7 as “a time, times, and a half a time” (i.e., 3 ½ “times”). A prophetic “time” is 1,260 days in short-term prophecy, or 1,260 years in long-term prophecy. Daniel associates this number with the end of the beast powers “shattering the power of the holy people.”

In other words, it is the time when the holy people achieve victory over the beast systems.

The 1,260 time period also implies that we should watch the 1,290-day point (March 25) and also the 1335th day (May 7/8), as Daniel 12:11, 12 indicates.

These latter dates, however, will mean nothing unless February 23rd is significant. So let us focus on the present time to see if the biblical patterns emerge into the world.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones