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The Breach between the US and Saudi Arabia

Feb 07, 2015

In my view, the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, was coordinated by the CIA, using some brainwashed Saudis (and others), while the Twin Towers were actually demolished by the Israeli Mossad by the use of explosives an hour after the planes hit them. The undamaged Saudi passport, supposedly carried by one of the incinerated hijackers, was either the result of a divine miracle or the passport was planted as “evidence” after the fact.

In fact, most of the 19 so-called hijackers from Saudi Arabia turned out to be very much alive and were surprised to hear reports of their deaths. Reports of their deaths, they claimed, were very much exaggerated.

It is certainly possible that the Saudi government was complicit in the Twin Towers demolition. They deny it, of course, but all governments lie to save themselves.

In the past year there has been a growing rift between the US and Saudi Arabia. The US reneged on its ground support for the rebels fighting the Assad government in Syria, which the Saudis had also backed with weapons and money. The Saudis wanted Assad to be overthrown, because of his alliance with Iran.

The problem is that the US had to stop short of sending in ground troops (except, of course, for covert action), because they knew Russia was watching closely. This made the Saudis feel betrayed, and the rift began. So when the next phase of war against Russia and Iran took off, the Saudis double crossed the US.

In the recent oil war, the US decided to open up the shale oil reserves in North Dakota, which would drop the oil prices. They expected OPEC, led by the Saudis, to decrease their own oil production to accommodate the increased US production. The Saudis, however, took note of the high cost of shale oil and stayed the course. As long as oil prices remain below $100/barrel, shale oil is not worth the cost of production. The Saudis knew that they could win this part of the oil war, because their cost of production is $30 (if I recall).

So now we see the smaller oil companies near bankruptcy. As they pull their rigs from production, the Saudis continue full speed ahead. It is not going well for the US domestic oil producers. Only the big and strong companies can survive such low prices.

Today we are seeing the next strategy unfolding in this breach. The US government is now threatening to blame the Saudis for 911. The September 11 Commission apparently blamed the Saudis in its official report, but President Bush ordered that portion to be deleted from the public report. Now that the breach has emerged in US-Saudi relations, the US government is playing hardball.

It is in the AOL News for today:


Lynch and Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., have sponsored a resolution that calls for declassifying the records. The White House has asked intelligence agencies to review the pages with an eye toward potential declassification, spokesman Ned Price said, but there is no timetable.

The controversy comes at a consequential moment in the relationship between the U.S. and the kingdom.

This “consequential moment” in US-Saudi relations is the breach caused by the Syrian war and the oil war. In the oil war, the US apparently thought it could wage an oil war to hurt Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, while being immune to any economic consequences. The Saudis said, “No way, Mr. Sam.”

So the US is becoming increasingly isolated in the world, losing friends as it continues to conduct its wars abroad. The US desire to be the sole superpower with a world-wide empire has been stopped in its tracks. It ground to a halt in Syria, and it has failed in Ukraine, and now even the Saudis are turning to China. The hegemonic map of the world is being redrawn with new alliances.

At this rate, soon the US government will be the “rogue state” and the pariah of the world. They will discover too late that power cannot be wielded in a self-serving manner without all other nations resenting it. A big brother ought to protect his younger siblings. Bullies can bully only until their younger brothers grow up. Then the situation is reversed. It is better to show love to little brother while he is young than to mistreat little brother. The US government should not have been so short-sighted.

So the question is, how will the Saudis react to this present US threat to blame them for the Twin Towers demolition? Don’t expect them to be cowed into submission. Expect, rather, that Saudi Arabia will do as Russia has done. They will look to China and Russia and begin the process of joining the BRICS alliance. The US will lose once again.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones