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The Beast Nations Splitting; Prepare for the Kingdom

Feb 07, 2015

When the Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago, the US government did nothing to stop the looting of its assets by the “Russian” oligarchs (actually, they were all Russian Jews), who bought up the companies for pennies on the dollar. It was the intent of the US government to remain as “the sole superpower” forever, and they were determined to relegate Russia to the status of a third-world power. A strong Russia would be detrimental to US influence around the world.

Even so, the new Russia made every attempt to look West and become part of Europe, rather than Asia. But every attempt was rebuffed by the US government, which did not want Russia to have any rivaling influence in European affairs. In spite of this, Russia persisted, building more oil and gas pipelines through Ukraine into Europe, and trade relations blossomed, especially between Russia and Germany.

The world economic collapse in 2007 brought many changes in the way world leaders viewed America, because most of them knew that this collapse was American-made. China began to push for changes in the IMF to allow other developing countries (such as itself) more voting power. The US pushed back, and Congress has yet to ratify the IMF Reforms of 2010.

So China, Russia, and others began to form a new banking alliance known as the BRICS. Political alliances followed. Russia began to look East for trade partners, where the faces were much friendlier. Russia stopped the US-led overthrow of Syrian president Assad. The US retaliated by implementing a political coup in the Ukraine and installing an anti-Russian government.

The first thing the new Kiev government did was to ban the Russian language in Ukraine, sending a signal that persecution of Russian speakers had begun. The US-backed neo-Nazi party, which took over the government of Ukraine, was still fighting World War 2 and hated anything Russian.

The backlash was almost immediate. The majority of Eastern Ukraine was ethnic Russian, and it was inevitable that they would see Kiev as an aggressive force against them. The current war, to them, is a defensive war against Nazis who took over the Ukrainian government with the backing of the CIA.

The Western media paints this war as one between “Russian-backed rebels” and a fledgling “Democracy” in Kiev. First of all, the rebels are mostly ethnic Russians who have lived in Ukraine for some generations, and they categorically reject Nazi rule. Secondly, the main underlying issue was always whether Ukraine should remain under the hegemony of Russia or of Europe (actually, the US).

The issue is not democracy but hegemony. Under whose influence or domination will Ukraine remain? So-called “independent” nations are not really independent at all, unless they are powerful enough to defend themselves politically, militarily, and economically. Nations are given certain parameters of “freedom,” as long they serve the interests of their “big brother.”

This is the reality among non-Kingdom nations. Ukraine has always been part of Russian hegemony, but the US has stirred up trouble, trying to redraw the hegemonic map of Europe for its own advantage. But this aggressive (though semi-secret) policy is widely resented in Europe, where businesses have established extensive trade relations with Russia and have everything to lose if the US succeeds in causing this rift.

While the conflict between the US and Russia appears to be over control of the Ukraine, the real war is over US influence in Europe. The US government sees Russia as a competitor in Europe. For this reason, US policy has been to use sanctions to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia and to force Europe to decrease their trade with Russia and increase it with the US.

This policy has succeeded somewhat up to now, but this week a new breach is showing, now that the Kingdom breach has been repaired. Germany’s Merkel and France’s Hollande finally broke ranks with the US by flying to Moscow and sitting down with Putin to negotiate peace in Ukraine. John Kerry did not attend. The Daily Mail ran the headline: Will Putin Split the West?


The headline ought to read, “Will the US succeed in splitting Russia from Europe?”

The US-led coup in Ukraine a year ago was designed to split Russia from Europe. It looks like this plan will backfire. A split is developing between Europe and the US. Dr. Jim Willie has been talking about this split for many months. He saw the trade and business relations between Europe and Russia to be the key factor that would prevent the US plan from succeeding. US sanctions were designed to destroy those trade relations, but this threatens the European economies—especially the German economy.

Essentially, the US-led sanctions result in collateral damage to Europe, which is still suffering from the 2007 economic collapse. The fundamental problem of too much debt has not improved. Richard Russell reports this:


That’s the headline that greets us in today’s Financial Times. In 2007, world debt was $142 trillion dollars and in 2014 world debt was $199 trillion dollars. The world’s balance sheet today is insane. Incredibly, instead of deleveraging, the world is continuing to leverage, sending world debt to $199 trillion dollars, which is twice its level in 2000. 


So the world debt was about $100 trillion in the year 2000. It was $142 trillion in 2007. It is now $199 trillion. The economic crisis in 2007 was caused by unpayable debts. The debt situation is now much worse than it was in 2007.

And now with Greece poised to leave the Eurozone and default on its debts to European banks, Europe cannot afford to continue with the sanctions. I do not think it is a coincidence that Merkel and Hollande traveled to Moscow to see Putin so soon after the Greek elections on January 25.

It’s all a propaganda war to see who succeeds in framing the conflict in world opinion. But as always, if we want to understand what is going on, we need to look at the origins of the conflict. This conflict was not started by Russia, but by the US government, which decided to overthrow the previous Ukrainian government and install its own puppet regime. That is hardly a democratic process.

It’s the same as blaming the Palestinians for wanting to overthrow the Israeli government. Wait a minute. It wasn’t the Palestinians who immigrated to Europe to overthrow a Jewish state in Europe. No, it was Jews who immigrated to Palestine to take over that land against the wishes of the Palestinians. The Palestinians fought back, and the West blames them for causing trouble.

Evangelical Christians, who want to “fulfill Bible prophecy” without consideration of biblical justice, are acting like Jacob, who stole the birthright from Esau in an unlawful manner—by lying to his father. So they back the Israeli side of that conflict, thinking that fulfilling prophecy by unlawful means is pleasing to God.

The US covert propaganda machine is doing the same in the Ukraine today, blaming those who fight back against US-led aggression. Then when civilians suffer, all the blame goes to Russia and “Russian-backed separatists.” They did the same in Syria in the past few years, blaming Assad for all the suffering of the Syrian people. Is Assad to blame for defending himself against the US-backed rebels in Syria? In this propaganda war, the US government operates in a double standard. In Syria they blame the Assad government for not surrendering to US-backed rebels, but in Ukraine they blame the Russian-backed rebels for fighting against the US-backed coup in Kiev.

I realize that non-Kingdom nations will always act in their own self-interest. In other words, their actions are selfish and are not based upon biblical love. But when we observe these things, it should inspire us to work for Kingdom government. At the very least, we should keep alive the understanding of God’s law, so that when the time comes, we will know how to “judge the world” in righteousness (1 Corinthians 6:2).

We should also understand the divine plan in prophecy, so that we know when it is time for the Kingdom of God to emerge from our hearts into the world at large. I believe we are now at that time. The long captivity, mandated a long time ago in the days of Jeremiah, has ended, insofar as the divine court ruling is concerning. So now the beast nations no longer have the right to continue ruling the earth in their carnal, selfish ways.

What, then, can we do? Do whatever your calling is, because that is your personal divine mandate. Each of us is responsible to know the will of God for our own lives. I try to help you by giving an understanding of the overall picture, but you alone can know your place in the Kingdom.

As we observe the collapse of the beast-order, we should prepare for the reconstruction of the Kingdom. We advocate and support the King, and we work to rebuild from the ruins of the Kingdom. We are coming out of bondage that was mandated by the divine court on account of the sin of Israel and Judah long ago. All who have been justified by faith in Christ throughout past ages were citizens of the Kingdom. There are citizens alive today, but they have been “strangers and pilgrims” in nations controlled by men with the heart of beasts. Our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20), and so we have been citizens without a country, living in a foreign land.

God is now working, not only to set us free, but also to give us our own land, where we may institute Kingdom government and the laws of God. Daniel says that it will start out small like a stone, but it will then grow until it fills the whole earth (Daniel 2:35). The kingdom is already in heaven, but now heaven must come to earth. God owns all that He created, and we are now at the point in history where the Kingdom of God will begin to reclaim the earth which God has created for His glory.

That means our calling is to promote His Kingdom—not through violent conquest, but through love—until the whole earth is full of His glory.

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