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State of the Union 2015

Feb 06, 2015

Each January the US president gives a “State of the Union” address to Congress. It has become more of a Presidential Policy Wish List than a true State of the Union address, but they always include inspiring statements about how great we are and how bad our opponents are. That is to be expected, I suppose, by the leaders of all the nations who engage in such speeches.

The true State of the Union is that it became polarized during the Clinton administration. Culturally speaking, America became evenly divided between those wanting to maintain the Christian Nation established at our founding and those wanting to establish a secular nation and remove Christian laws that restricted immorality, as the Babylonian oligarchs have advocated since the 1930’s.

When America went into bankruptcy in 1933, the original government was sold to the oligarchs (legally). The new owners could not do this openly, of course, because they did not want to start a revolution. So they used the psychology of Sigmund Freud and the marketing/advertising principles of Edward Bernays to lead us willingly into captivity. They also learned how to use this psychology to brainwash people, both as individuals and whole cultures through the media.

They learned from Hegel how to manipulate public opinion by setting up two factions that would divide public opinion and use one side against the other. They called this Republicans and Democrats, and they have used each party to institute a “balance of power,” so that neither side would ever become powerful enough to overthrow them.

Likewise, they learned how to set up “bad guys” and then present their own solution to the problem—usually to manipulate us into war. When men focus upon the bad guys, they have no time to search out the real truth, and public opinion is then easily swayed by the media.

The basic policy of the Babylonian oligarchs is to divide and conquer. That is why there has been no real peace in the world since “the war to end all wars” was fought. (We now call it World War 1, fought from 1914-1917.) After that, we fought “the war to make the world safe for Democracy.” (We now call it World War 2, fought from 1939-1945.) Good men were caught up in both wars, fighting for the good causes presented to them, but not knowing the real issues that the oligarchs never told them.

World War 2, however, was indeed a war to make the world safe for Democracy. It was fought to overthrow the Christian Republic and to establish Secular Democracy in Europe and America. That war was won, of course, and in the 1960’s they began to remove Christianity from the schools and to secularize government. Today we are still reaping the “benefits” of that victory.

The critical turning point of public opinion came in the 1990’s, when America became evenly divided between the secularists and the religionists. Today the balance has tipped in favor of the secularists, and basic Christian moral virtues are now held by a minority. Christians have tried to defend themselves by flocking to the Republican Party, only to find that this party is controlled by the same oligarchs who control the Democrats. The only real difference is that each party was set up to appeal to a different group.

When the oligarchs want to continue marching toward immorality, they fund the Democratic Party. When they want to make war on some bad guy that they have set up, they fund the Republican Party. So Bush, Sr. (Republican) was funded to make war on Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War. This was followed by Clinton (Democrat) to be an example of immorality. This was followed by Bush, Jr. (Republican) to make war on Saddam Hussein. This was followed by Obama (Democrat) to legalize more immorality.

Now our oligarchs have decided to make war on Russia, so they manipulated public opinion to give power to the Republicans over the House and Senate. While the public argues over minor issues, the oligarchs care only about maintaining their power, for that is their Prime Directive.

But this new war that is looming against Russia appears to be different, if only because Mystery Babylon has run its course, and God is working behind the scenes to overthrow it and to set up His Kingdom. Putin was not set up by the Western oligarchs. Putin rose to power during their administration under Communism, but he has defied them by opposing their plan to destabilize the Middle East and to “overthrow seven countries in five years,” as General Wesley Clark has told us.

After overthrowing Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, Russia stepped in and stopped the overthrow of Syria. The Western oligarchs then fought back by overthrowing the government of Ukraine and installing a puppet regime. Russian intelligence recorded a telephone conversation with US Ambassador Nuland where she discussed the US plan to overthrow the Ukrainian president and to install new leaders subservient to the CIA. The Russians leaked this to the press.


Russia fought back by supporting the Russian-speaking people of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. This war is now reaching critical levels. It is a proxy war between the US and Russia. At stake here is whether Ukraine receives missiles that would be pointed at the heart of Russia. Also at stake is control of the oil and gas pipelines from Russia to Europe.

The bottom line is that Ukraine is part of Russia’s strategic interest, comparable to the US strategic interest during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1960. Just as Kennedy did not want Russian missiles pointing at us just 90 miles from Florida, so also Putin does not want US missiles pointing at them from Ukraine.

As I said earlier, Putin is different, because he has revolted against the Western oligarchs who controlled the old Soviet Union. He is also backed by China, and this alliance alone dooms the Western oligarchs in the long run. We are entering a new era in world history. Babylon is falling. Cyrus and Darius are rising as “kings of the east.” God has raised them up to fulfill His purposes and to answer our prayers to bring our long captivity to an end.

From November 1993 to October 2006 we were led to engage in spiritual warfare against Babylon. We called it the Jubilee Prayer Campaign. God answered in a way that we could not foresee. The US congress passed the GATT treaty, which allowed free trade with China. China soon was transformed into a world trade power as enormous amounts of wealth shifted from West to East. This new wealth allowed them to build their military and develop new technology so that they would no longer be intimidated by the US military. The balance of power began to shift from West to East. Now China backs Russia but remains in the background so as not to disrupt all the “free trade” that is funding its rise to power.

We are seeing the rise of “the kings of the east,” prophesied in Revelation 16:12. The prophecy shows that an angel of God is behind their rise to power, and their task is to overthrow Babylon. Many prophecy teachers use this prophecy to scare people into thinking that Russia and China are rising up to overthrow the Israeli state. That is only true if the Israeli state is Babylon. Their divine task is to overthrow Babylon. Why, then, should we support Babylon and oppose those “kings” that God is raising up to set us free from Babylon?

Of course, we are not called to start a revolution. Our calling is in the area of spiritual warfare. Our secular government sees no threat from spiritual warfare. Along with spiritual warfare, we ought to be watchful so that we see the results of prayer in real time. To see these results, we need to be informed, and we need to understand who is playing the various roles set forth in Bible prophecy.

This is what I try to explain, as I am able, on this website.

There have been many prophecies in recent years (visions, dreams, etc.) which seem to say that Russia and China will invade America. Because of this, many have become afraid of Russia and China and feel that they ought to continue supporting the agenda of our Western oligarchs. They define America in terms of the people, rather than in terms of the oligarchs who enslave the American people.

Some of these prophecies, no doubt, are simply false prophecies. Others, however, are misunderstood, because they do not interpret them in light of Scripture. I too believe that “America” is being invaded, but not by military troops. It is an invasion of trade and finance. There have been reports circulating since the 1970’s of foreign troops in America. The only foreign troops (in any serious numbers) here are those being trained in US military facilities.

If there were foreign armies in America that were hostile to our oligarchs, you can bet on it that they would have been fighting each other for many decades already.

There is a trade war and a banking war going on today. Witness the US war on the Russian currency this past year. The oligarchs decided last year to drop the price of oil to $50/barrel as an economic war against Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, all of whom oppose US policies. Those who think this is just about “oversupply” are basing their views on the wrong fundamentals. It is not about too much oil being produced. It is about a specific war policy that is set by the big banks and wealthy industrialists.

They did this once before—in 2009. At that time, Lindsay Williams reported to us from his “elite” friend that they were going to drive down the price of oil to $50/barrel. It happened, and it had little to do with the supply of oil. Now it is happening again. Once it dipped below $50, the price suddenly stabilized, even though some economists thought it would continue going down to $30. They were fooled by the “oversupply” theory.

The war between modern Babylon and the rising kings of the east has not yet reached its climax, but it is certainly reaching a critical stage. The battle for Ukraine is now a full-blown Civil War, one which the US-backed government of Kiev cannot win. Ukraine sits on Russia’s border. It is half-way around the world from the US, and there is no way for the US to send enough troops or arms to make much difference. All they can hope to do is to increase Russia’s costs, and they can do this by sending small covert units into Ukraine on sabotage missions. This may work as a short-term solution, but it will never win the war.

When the US loses this proxy war in Ukraine, it will be proven to the world that the tide of history has truly shifted from West to East. Old alliances will break, new alliances will be made. Whole nations will no longer fear the US military might. Politicians will seek bribes elsewhere. Western oligarchs will lose power and be exiled to whatever island mansion they may own.

Many have talked about a New World Order, but not many realize that this term does not have a uniform definition. Western oligarchs define it in terms of their own control of the world. The Eastern kings define it in terms of the overthrow of the existing Babylonian world order. We will certainly get a New World Order, but the Bible has a third definition. We call it the Kingdom of God, based upon the laws of God.

For this reason, we are preparing for a new Order that very few know is coming. Most do not believe or understand Bible prophecy. Even Christians have very little knowledge of it, because they are looking for The Great Escape. They are not preparing themselves to rule and reign with Christ on the earth (Revelation 5:10). In fact, most of them are preparing to play harps on cloud 9, rather than to build the Kingdom on the earth.

But we are among those who are preparing to build the Kingdom, each according to his/her calling. Our revelation tells us that it is time to start thinking in terms of Kingdom government, which will replace the existing order when it falls. The more we are able to plan ahead, the less chaos we will see when we reach that final transition.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones